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July 21, 2017

Human Trafficking : Increase Awareness Then What Next ?

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July 8, 2017

Penang Monthly Online – Free Reads

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July Issue

Past Issues


Penang Monthly, the voice of Penang.

Penang Monthly endeavours to be the mouthpiece of Penang and an inspiring read for the curious Malaysian. A publication of Penang Institute, it aims to supply Penangites with information about significant issues in order to promote public participation, thus encouraging discussions about the various aspects of Penang’s fates and fortunes.

At the same time, we seek to profile Penang personalities who have contributed, sometimes in very unassuming but critical ways, to the reputation and wellbeing of the state, and to put the spotlight on ordinary Penangites who otherwise go unnoticed, but who nevertheless define the culture of the state in essential ways.

As Penang evolves, we would like to highlight its importance as a generator of culture, education, industry and cosmopolitan values – not just in our features, but also in in-depth analyses of the culture economy. We aspire to emphasise present trends in the arts, industry, politics and economics which affect the immediate future of the state and country.

On top of that, apart from our monthly socio-economic data section, we also provide a quarterly economic review, offering reliable socioeconomic data for the benefit of decision makers in government and the private sector.

An all-round read indeed.


More about Penang Institute:

Penang Institute is the public policy think tank of the state government of Penang. As a policy advisory body to the state government, Penang Institute seeks to spur bold thinking in the key areas of economics, socio-politics and sustainable development. Besides working closely with the state government, we collaborate with other international organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme and other non- governmental organisations.

We also engage the public by promoting and highlighting various local, national and regional issues through facilitating conferences, lectures, workshops and public seminars.

Keep us up and running!

Penang Institute is a non-profit organisation, relying mainly on research grants and donations. To keep us up and running, and to continuously give you the latest scoop on economic and cultural trends every month, you can make a contribution to Penang Institute. Please contact enquiry@penanginstitute.org for more information.

July 7, 2017

George Town World Heritage Celebration

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Today is George Town World Heritage Day

Visit this link above to find out about Penang’s Heritage

Read some info below



The Historic City of George Town is located on the north-eastern cape of Penang Island.

From the heart of the colonial quarter with the city’s first administrative buildings, the original states laid out by the colonial administrators branch out into the city – a city spectacularly filled with godowns and the trading posts of the earliest merchant settlers, banks and shop houses, clan homes and communal clusters, and the iconic houses of worship representing the respective faiths of the many different settlers that came to call George Town home. The George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site is divided into two sections, the Core Area and Buffer Zone.


The Core Area covers and area of 109.38 hectares, and contains more than 1,700 buildings. It is bounded by a coastline along the north and east, and by Love Lane to the north-west and Gat Lebuh Melayu, Lorong Carnarvon and Lebuh Carnarvon to the south-west corner.


The Core Area is protected by 150.04 hectare of Buffer Zone bounded by the sea, Jalan Transfer on the west and Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong and gat Jalan Prangin on the south-west.

George Town, the Historic City 

gtwhi pic1
1798 map of early Penang by Captain H. B. Popham

George Town and Melaka are jointly inscribed as the Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca, and together, the two cities stand as testimony to the centuries of maritime trade that shaped this country and a had a significant influence on the region.

The Historic City of George Town was the first British port town along the Straits of Malacca. Founded in 1786 by Francis Light in the name of the East India Company, it is situated at the cape of the northeastern tip of the island, between the hills and the sea. Never intended to be a settlement colony, the development of George Town during the first century after its founding can be attributed to the courageous and entrepreneurial spirit of early migrant communities who found in George Town a place to make a living and begin a new life.

The site comprises a rich collection of historic buildings, vernacular, administrative and religious, constructed by the European trading settlers under the British East India Company, and later the British colonists, and migrants from various parts of the India-China trading route. These early settlers formed their own neighbourhoods or quarters, centred on certain streets or intersections. The European or colonial quarter was to the north, close to Fort Cornwallis, the administrative centre, and clustered around St. George’s Anglican Church on Farquhar Street. The early Chinese, Indian and Malay settlements grew out of the grid of early George Town, and the names of the streets of George Town today stand as testimony to the original communities and to the multicultural history and development of the city.

gtwhi pic2
Campbell Street circa 19th century, Courtesy of Malcolm Wade

“Melaka and George Town, Malaysia, are remarkable examples of historic colonial towns on the Straits of Malacca that demonstrate a succession of historical and cultural influences arising from their former function as trading ports linking East and West. These are the most complete surviving historic city centres on the Straits of Malacca with a multi-cultural living heritage originating from the trade routes from Great Britain and Europe through the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and the Malay Archipelago to China. Both towns bear testimony to a living multi-cultural heritage and tradition of Asia, where the many religions and cultures met and coexisted. They reflect the coming together of cultural elements from the Malay Archipelago, India and China with those of Europe, to create a unique architecture, culture and townscape.” – UNESCO

George Town meets three of UNESCO’s Outstanding Universal Values to make it recognised as a site of historical importance to the world. To learn more about this, click here to link to UNESCO page, or here for GTWHI-produced video on the OUVs.

Visit UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE  to find out about heritage sites

around the world and other websites related to world heritage.


June 23, 2017

Giving Books a Second Chance

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Did you know that our Book Adoption Centre (BAC) in Taman Sri Nibong has already passed its one year mark?

Book-sorting with the help of volunteers in April last year
We started this project in March 2016 because we wanted to save books that were sent for recycling to the Tzu Chi Recycling & Education Centre (Tzu Chi REC).

Tzu Chi Recycling & Education Centre in Taman Sri Nibong, Penang
where our BAC is located.
The BAC is a community project based on the idea that good books should have second lives. We’re saving them from being recycled as scrap paper and giving book-lovers an opportunity to read and contribute to charity.
Check out these milestones from our one-year journey:
  • BAC has generated RM12,000+ for Tzu Chi’s dialysis centres in Penang.
  • One generous contributor donated RM1,000 when he adopted books.
  • We were interviewed by Sin Chew newspaper – the full page article was published on 10 March this year, giving us the publicity that we need to help our books find new homes and new owners!
  • Our Facebook group has grown to almost 700 members within a year.
  • We’ve saved thousands of books from being recycled as scrap paper and given the gift of reading to hundreds of new owners!
  • Charity organisations and schools in Penang and outside of Penang have benefited when kind-hearted individuals adopted books for them. They include Jit Sin High School, House of Hope & SK Kwang Hwa.
  • A school teacher from Cameron Highlands also came to adopt books for her school library.
  • Many book lovers now a place they can come to get good reads for themselves and their children (yes, we have many good quality children’s books too)
  • Promoted BAC at Occupy Beach Street on 26 June. We couldn’t bring many books but we did get people interested in visiting BAC.
  • A Muslim lady who visited our BAC was so happy to find and adopt a Quran
  • BAC has attracted visitors from as far as Sungai Petani and Alor Setar.
  • We’ve made it possible for lower-income students to get access to PMR and SPM workbooks and reference books (we have lots of reference books too)
You may be wondering: why didn’t we call it a library instead? A library is a place where you can borrow books and later, return them. We didn’t want to be a library – we wanted books to go out to the world where they would enchant their readers and give readers a chance to donate. That’s why we called it a Book Adoption Centre. We wanted book lovers to “adopt” these books for a small donation. And if others such as rural schools or orphanages are in need of books, you can also sponsor them a bundle of books!

Brother Alan of Tzu Chi being interviewed by the reporter
from Sin Chew about the origins of BAC.
The donations from BAC go towards the Tzu Chi dialysis centres in Penang where lower-income Penangites regardless of their backgrounds can get free dialysis treatments. So this means when you adopt books from our BAC, you are helping to fund dialysis treatments for kidney patients. You are helping to fund free dialysis treatments for Malaysians who cannot afford the costly private treatments.

Books with yellow stickers are books that have been sorted.
Yellow refers to academic or reference or general knowledge books.
Our proceeds go back to Tzu Chi for two reasons.
First, our source of books come from Tzu Chi REC. Now that we have our BAC, Tzu Chi volunteers know that if they see books in the pile of recyclables contributed by the public, they will kindly put aside these books for us. On hearing that we have a BAC, two other Tzu Chi RECs (Taman Lumba Kuda and Butterworth) have been keeping their books for us too.

Sorting books that come from other Tzu Chi RECs
in Taman Lumba Kuda and Butterworth.
Second, our BAC resides inside the Taman Sri Nibong Tzu Chi REC. The Tzu Chi team has kindly provided us three cubicles to arrange, store and display the books that our volunteers have sorted. The Tzu Chi team has also helped us fix up ceiling fans and shelving for books.

Promoting BAC at Occupy Beach Street in June last year.
Two volunteers, EY Siew and Eddie Lam, together with Brother Alan from Tzu Chi, are also helping to reach out to more book lovers in other states by posting books to them. EY will promote these Chinese books on Facebook groups and to date, there has been such an overwhelming response towards the book adoption as the readers know they are also doing charity when they adopt books.

EY Siew is in charge of the Mandarin books section as he reads Chinese.
On a weekly basis, EY, Eddie and Alan will take turns to pack and courier the adopted books to adopters from KL, Melaka, Johor, Pahang and more. Book adopters will bank their donation into Tzu Chi bank accounts while bearing the cost of the courier services.

Besides English books, we also have lots of Chinese books
as well as Malay books.

Sin Chew helped us promote BAC in this full page write-up published
on 10 March 2017.
Besides these volunteers, we’d also like to thank the entire Tzu Chi REC team as well as the regulars who have helped us this whole year. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s teamwork and help!

We need volunteers to help us arrange books on weekends.
Help us if you’re free.
More exciting plans are in store as we have plans to make BAC more conducive for children and adults with proper reading facilities.
How You Can Help

Join us as a volunteer and help us grow BAC and the love of reading!
Tell your friends about our dedicated Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TSN…)
where we keep everyone updated on books that come in! Tell friends to bring their old books to BAC. Don’t throw them away! Tell teachers about BAC so that they can help lower-income students get reference books. Adopt books for a school, library, orphanage or for poor families with children. Help sort and arrange books on weekends. Even 1 hour of your time would do! Share this document on your FB page.
TSN BAC @ Tzu-Chi Recycle & Education Center, Lebuh Bukit Kecil 1, Taman Sri Nibong, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang. >>>> Map: https://goo.gl/maps/UH7M5mMwMEQ2
Opening hours: As BAC is located within Tzu Chi REC, it is open when Tzu Chi REC is open which is Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 5pm.

June 16, 2017


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Please support us. Do attend our AGM 2017 as we need your quorum.

Come and register as a new member if you haven’t join our Residents’ Association

as a Life Member, Resident Member or Associate Member.


Saturday 17 June 2017

3.30 pm at TSNRA Clubhouse


We hope to see you there.

May 16, 2017

Happy Teacher’s Day

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I am what I am today because of my teachers in Assunta Convent Petaling Jaya where I attended both primary and secondary schools before going to University of Malaya to major in the English Language & Literature. Those were the mid – 50s & 60s. Tunku Abdul Rahman proudly shouted ‘MERDEKA’ seven times when I was in lower primary and I was there with my father witnessing that historic moment in our nation’s history at the Selangor Club Padang (now renamed Dataran Merdeka). At assembly, our Headmistress shared with us the significance of this jubilant landmark that would change our nation. Then we sang the National Anthem and our school song, written, and sung here by our ex-headmistress Sr Enda Ryan (she’s a Dato now and a PR of Malaysia), teachers and students :


Sing! Let all voices, unite in joyful harmony
Salute our school flag, the symbol of our unity
Brown and white the colours, which each of us must now uphold
Our good behaviour in school-and out- reaps joy untold

God bless our school, let your truth and love found here-in
Affect our lives day by day and keep the future free from sin
God bless our homes and our parents who take Your place
And may we prove gratitude, by using well our school days
Bless each of our teachers too,
for the loving care they shown to us
Bless each one of us and pupils of the past,
this is our prayer

School days are numbered and one day we must take our place
As loyal members of our beloved Malaysian race
Here in Assunta we live as one large family
In preparation for what our future lives must be

Where ever we go, over land or sky or sea
Our thoughts will turn to PJ and our Alma Mater Assunta
Ideals learnt here will guide us wherever we be
As we look back there will be that guiding star to light our way
Ever and evermore, to Assunta school we pledge loyalty
“Ad Veritatem Per Caritatem” – Assunta

Truth and charity will be our rule
We’ll be ever faithful to our school!

Listen here :

Assunta School Song


What an uplifting song which we girls sang with all our hearts, spurring us onto greater heights ‘as loyal members of our beloved Malaysian race’. Here in Assunta, our Headmistress and teachers inspired us to be patriotic and colour blind. God loves all the little children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight’. So we too must treat every girl, whatever race or religion, as a precious member of our Assunta family and love each one as God loves us.

Many of our teachers were dedicated, caring and so strict. We would be punished and even hit with a ruler for not doing our homework properly. None of us would dare to complain to our parents as they would always side the teachers. This would lead to another round of punishment at home because we deserved it. So we were forced to be disciplined and conscientious.

We were encouraged to read as much as possible. Every class had its own mini-library cabinet with its own class librarians, so we could read borrow books easily. I already loved to read even before kindergarten. Today I go everywhere with a book and read whenever and wherever I go – in the food courts, hypermarts, while waiting in a car for someone, in the hospital waiting room  etc. Old habits die hard.

Our spirit of caring and serving was inculcated at an early age. Whenever a teacher was absent, we were not left with a relief teacher. We went down to the Domestic Science room to help another sister prepare sandwiches and hot tea for girls who were too poor to afford to buy food during recess. Or Sr Enda would ask us all to go to the school porch where she would play the piano and teach us new songs and folk dances.

We studied in an environment where there were motivational posters on notice boards along the corridors and Sr Enda’s ‘Thought for the Week’ was written at the top of the blackboard in every classroom. Today, old girls like me are already grandmothers. Sr Enda is 89 years old and still keeping the Assunta Spirit alive by emailing all of us (yes she emails and has her own Facebook) her ‘Thought for the Week’ without fail. I have not heard of another HM whose care and dedication went to this extent way into our senior years. Have you? Here’s an example of her latest posting :


Enda Ryan FMM endafmm@gmail.com [assunta] <assunta@yahoogroups.com>

May 14 (2 days ago)

to Assunta
 Hello LADIES,
” Life is like a tennis game——
You cannot win without serving “.
Love and GOD BLESS
Enda fmm

Sr. Enda Ryan FMM
7 Lorong 4/52B, 46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: +603.7782.4600 | Fax: +603.7784.1210
Email: endafmm@gmail.com
JOIN Assunta e-Alumni | Assunta Alumni @ Facebook
I already wanted to be a teacher when I was in Standard One. Today, I have retired and am still teaching, sharing my love of the English Language with those who want to learn. I also conduct the Free Guitar class at TSNRA, another example of serving others learnt from my Assunta days.
Students today are so different. They live in a cyber world mostly indoors and definitely excel in knowledge. But wisdom is something else – it comes from God and from experiences in life. We had no PCs when we were young and only had our first black and white 16-inch TV in Form 3. So we invented our own games with whatever we could find around us (rubber bands, frangipani flowers, angsana seeds  etc) and cycled everywhere.
Most of all, we enjoyed ourselves learning and are now ever grateful for our dear old golden schooldays because of our teachers who shaped and moulded us to be better than who we were, and to be a blessing to others always.
To all teachers out there, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY
Molly S.C. Ooi, TSNRA Media

May 13, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day

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Great Mums in History


12 Sweet Stories about Mums from Readers Digest


 Mother’s Day Poems & Inspirations

May 8, 2017

Pesta Gawai & Kaamatan 2017

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Come and experience the vibrant colours and dances

of the indigenous groups of East Malaysia.

Very often the dance movement depicts nature,

life in the jungle, movement of thebirds and other daily activities.

The uniqueness of the dances from Sabah and Sarawak can

also be seen in the beautiful costumes of both the dancers

and the musicians. The costumes are very ornate,

often with an elaborate headgear and other accessories

like beads, chains and coins that indicate the tribe

of origin and status within the tribe.


The musical instruments are also

different from that of west Malaysia.



Here you can also savour the varieties of East Malaysian food

which we don’t usually get here.

Link : Wonderful Delicacies in Sabah & Sarawak


Read more about the people of Malaysia below :

The People of Malaysia

March 23, 2017

Silent Awareness Walk : Sunday 26 March 2017

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Date : 26th March 2017 ( Sunday)

Meeting point : Sunrise Gurney (in front of Wendy’s)

Walk from Kelawei Road and around to Gurney Drive

Time: 5.30 pm to meet at point and walking at 6 pm SHARP


WE HAVE BEGUN. Silent Awareness Walk in Penang.

The start of a campaign to Respect Animals in our country.


Calling all Penangnites to join us soon for the Silent Awareness Walk to reduce animal abandoning and abuse in Penang. This is not a protest –  it is a Peaceful Reminder to everybody out there.

How long do we still want to stay silent? Enough is enough to all the abandonments and cruelties inflicted on strays. Strays are man-made! It’s time to raise the level of awarenese in Penang. It’s wrong to let your pets breed. It’s wrong to abandon them at the markets, streets and shelters. It’s time to stop the cruelties and abused. Do we still want to stay silent while coming across so many cases of abuse and abandonment everyday in our state?

The onus is own us, those who really care for the strays to change their fate. There is only so much the overcrowded and overburdened shelters, the overstretched feeders and overworked independent rescuers can do. The resources are finite but not the supply of unwanted animals. So let us lend our voices to all the abandoned animals. Cut the births of unwanted kittens and puppies. Speak up and help facilitate spaying and neutering. Talk to the neighbours, managements, friends, families, acquaintances and even strangers! Educate them on the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets and street animals. Assist them if you can. If we want to see changes to the way our society treats the animals, the onus is really on us to make a difference! Change will not come if we wait for others to do it.

The least we can do is to speak out for those who cannot. Be the voice for the thousands of abused and abandoned animals in Penang by participating in this silent awareness walk. We firmly believe that we cannot be silent anymore with so many rampant cases of animal abuse and abandonment in the state. There needs to be a change of mindset to let these abusers and animal haters know that their acts are spiteful and those who abandoned animals are a disgrace. It is time for the silent animal lovers to not be silent anymore.

If you think that your little voice and small act do not matter, then you are right. You will forever don’t matter. Cumulative small acts and voices, your decisions and choices, can make a difference.

For the Silent Awareness Walk, everybody will need to wear a White top to symbolize Peace and to Respect all animals that have passed away through abuse or abandonment. Just show up in white tops and bring your own water.No animals are allowed. If you do not have a white top, you can wear a t-shirt from PGSR (all proceeds from purchasing a t-shirt (RM 25 ) from us goes to all our rescue dogs. Get one before the date if you do not have a white top. Sizes -Xs/S/M/XL/XXL

We need more of you to show up to show that animal lovers care and it’s time to make a real change to our society. Be silent no more! Kindly share and campaign for the voiceless.



Penang Stray Rescue shelter – PGSR shelter



saw 2_3_n.jpg

Please sign this petition to the Penang State Government for a 


March 22, 2017


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To all TSN residents and supporters,

TSNRA is organizing an urgent signature campaign against the cutting of  our Taman pavements and widening of our roads for new high-rise projects in the kampung land stretching across TSN behind Tingkat Bukit Kecil 2. These are 3 major development projects which many residents may not be aware of. Visit Penang Property Talk to view all housing projects around TSN. We are not against the building of the high rise apartments, but we are fighting against the usage of TSN roads to be used as traffic thoroughfare. All of us will be affected as we can expect an increase of 1000+ vehicles plying in and out of all our TSN entry & exit roads daily.

MBPP has already approved the planning permission to build 2 blocks of 43 and 44 storey apartments near Gerbang BK 1. The developer has also been approved to widen the access road. The widening will mostly be on one side of the road (Melati Apt side). The pavement, grass verge and the matured trees on the right (Melati) side will be removed to widen the road for tractors, heavy earth movers for the new high rise development in Gerbang BK 2. When the 3 apartment blocks are completed in about 3 years time, an estimated 1000+ vehicles will go through our Taman.

Do go to this link to view the high rise project involved in our petition : 


Residents of Taman Sri Nibong and supporters, please support us and sign this urgent petition if you have not done so. Volunteers will be at the Clubhouse daily from 6.00 – 7.00 pm to collect signatures. Do turn up in full force and help to inform neighbours & friends to oppose widening of our roads for greater traffic flow, creation of more entrances and exits in & out of our Taman, increased traffic congestion & parking and pollution problems.

We hope to get 2000+ signatures to present to MBPP. Moreover, we have to appear before an Appeals Board which is a Tribunal appointed by the State in accordance with the Town & Country Planning Act. It consists of 3 independent members chaired by a retired senior lawyer. The rest are distinguished professionals. The Appeals Board will hear objections from either party (developer or residents) if they do not agree with the decisions made by the Local Authorities. In this case, we the residents do not agree with the approval made by MBPP. The Appeals Board will listen to arguments made by both parties. The Appeals Board decision is binding but if either party does not agree with the decision, they can bring it up for judicial review ie. to the High Court and Appeals Court. This rarely happen as it can cost tens of thousands to fight all the way.

The developers will have very senior lawyers representing them. On our part, we must also get a lawyer experienced in such cases to represent us at this coming appeals hearing. To do this, we must collect donations from residents and supporters for the lawyer’s fee unless we can get a TSN lawyer who can volunteer to represent us. Please donate to help us through.

Please share widely to help us collect more signatures. Time is running out. 

Thank you all volunteers on duty daily at TSNRA to collect signatures. 


Fyi, in 2013, we succeeded in our appeal in not allowing the developer of the 2 apartment blocks of 341 medium cost units) to have an access road through our Taman to the coastal highway. This project is now on hold.




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