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May 19, 2018

Penang Monthly Updates

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Penang Monthly, the voice of Penang.

Penang Monthly endeavours to be the mouthpiece of Penang and an inspiring read for the curious Malaysian. A publication of Penang Institute, it aims to supply Penangites with information about significant issues in order to promote public participation, thus encouraging discussions about the various aspects of Penang’s fates and fortunes.

At the same time, we seek to profile Penang personalities who have contributed, sometimes in very unassuming but critical ways, to the reputation and wellbeing of the state, and to put the spotlight on ordinary Penangites who otherwise go unnoticed, but who nevertheless define the culture of the state in essential ways.

As Penang evolves, we would like to highlight its importance as a generator of culture, education, industry and cosmopolitan values – not just in our features, but also in in-depth analyses of the culture economy. We aspire to emphasise present trends in the arts, industry, politics and economics which affect the immediate future of the state and country.

On top of that, apart from our monthly socio-economic data section, we also provide a quarterly economic review, offering reliable socioeconomic data for the benefit of decision makers in government and the private sector.

An all-round read indeed.

Our Team:
Ooi Kee Beng, Editor
Julia Tan, Deputy Editor
Tim-Niklas Schoepp, Economics Editor
Nic Lee, Art Director
Regina Hoo, Writer
OGL Consultancy, Business Manager

Read Penang Monthly here


Rainwater Harvesting System

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From Penang Green Council :

In the efforts of promoting green practices, it is often more important to make things happen than preaching slogans. Penang State Government allocate funding in green incentives to promote sustainable use of resources and development every year.

The Penang Rainwater Harvesting Incentive (PRHI) is one of the State Government’s initiatives and is now open for application!

Many of you might not know that only 6% of Penang’s total land areas are designated for water catchment, and Penang is highly depending on raw water source from Sungai Muda, Kedah. Hence, it is crucial for Penangites to practice water saving at home and in offices. PRHI is introduced by the Penang State Government as an incentive for commercial and residential building owners or their appointed Joint Management Body (JMB) with installed rainwater harvesting system. This incentive aims to reduce the dependency of treated water for non-potable purposes and encourage healthy water use practices amongst Penangites.

The FIRST 10 applicants with completed application and documents will receive an incentive of RM500, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The application is open until October 2018 only.

Hurry up and apply for PRHI at https://goo.gl/jbKDbm now!

International Youth Conference 2018

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Beating Liver Cancer

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Offerings in Dance Concert

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April 23, 2018

Stress : Are We Coping?

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Family Link Education by D’Home

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April 4, 2018

Free E-Commerce Workshop – How to be Successful Entrepreneurs

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Register here

Registration is FREE but limited to 60 participants

on first come first served basis.

Closing Date : 20 April 2018

March 19, 2018

Aliran Young Writers’ Workshop

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Young Writers’ Workshop


Here’s an exciting workshop for youths who would like to explore the power of the written word especially in the light of the coming general election.

How will this election affect young people? Is there any way for them to articulate their concerns and aspirations, their hope for a better world?

What better way for youths to make their voices heard than by writing for a wider audience. We will guide you along this path.

Workshop participants will spend the first day of the two-day workshop learning about the topic and reflecting on their aspirations. We will share writing tips and techniques including how to draw in readers and get ideas across clearly and creatively.

Participants will spend the second day writing their drafts while facilitators will be on hand to guide them. The first drafts will then be presented to the other workshop participants for their views, before they are fine-tuned.

An experienced writer will also review the drafts and provide constructive ideas on how they can be improved. Polished versions will then be published on the Aliran website, subject to editorial clearance.

Voila! You could be a published writer before you know it. Here, have a look at the creative work of the young writers from our previous workshops.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, here are the workshop details:

Date: Sat/Sun, 24-25  March 2018

Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Venue: Aliran, 103 Medan Penaga, 11600 Jelutong, Penang

Facilitators: Azmil Tayeb, Mustafa K Anuar, Henry Loh and Anil Netto
Language: Malay/English
Age group: 18-35
Registration fee: RM20 (Payment can be made on the day of the workshop)

To register, fill up the online form HERE.

If you need any further details, please don’t hesitate to phone us at 04-6585251 (Tuesday to Friday during office hours).

We look forward to mentoring a new generation of socially aware writers!

In solidarity

Azmil, Anil, Henry and Mustafa


How you can help us reach out to more people

Encourage your family and friends to subscribe to this weekly newsletter; they can easily register on our website.

Encourage them to visit our website at aliran.com

If you are on social media, you can ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


March 16, 2018

Youth Environmental Leaders Programmes by Penang Green Council

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Are you passionate about organising environmental projects?

Join our *Youth Environmental Leaders Programme*!

The *Youth Environmental Leaders Programme* seeks to strengthen capacities of new generations of environmental leaders in Penang, and creates opportunities for peer learning, networking, and collaboration on a continuing basis.

This programme is open to youth ages 19 to 26, who have interest in environmental issues, good communication and problem-solving skills, enjoy organising and planning activities, dedicated and willing to work as a team!

Youths who joined the programme will be given certificates, allowances and T-shirts.

No registration fees imposed.

Wait no more! Register now and submit your ideas before 23 March!

Register at: https://goo.gl/w3J1hx

Link to Penang Green Council

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