Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

History of the TSNRA

Having attended a couple of functions in the Taman Sri Nibong field organised by the MPPP and the State Government in 1999, it dawned on me that the residents of this picturesque Taman could form a body to organize activities for their benefits including security and safety.  I put forward this idea to a few residents present at the functions and they readily accepted the concept in the presence of our State Assembleman, YB Mr. Lim  Chien Aun.  Thus on 23rd May, 1999, a preliminary meeting was held in my house to discuss the formation of our Association.  This led to more than six meetings beginning Friday, 4th June,1999 with the following residents attending: Messrs. Chuan Hooi Khoon, Goh Say Leong, Tan Kean Hock, Wang Teik Soon and self as the Chairman.  Subsequent meetings included Messrs. Amerk Singh and Wong Poh Chan.

With relentless efforts and determination including two visits to consult the Registrar of Societies in Prai, the Association was finally registered on 23rd May 2000 – a year after the idea was conceived.

Since the Inaugural Meeting of the Association was held on 8 August 1999, the Association had not functioned actively and effectively owing to unforseen circumstances.

Firstly, the President resigned after a few months in office owing to work commitment outstation. Inevitably, he had to relinquish his position.  Not soon after, the Hon. Secretary also resigned owing to pressure of work.  In October, 2002, the Acting President (Vice President) resigned as he moved out of the Taman to live in another State.  I was appointed Acting President on 9th February, 2003.

It was then thought opportune to re-organise our Committee and to this end, an Extra General Meeting was held on Sunday, 27th April, 2003 at the Association hall at 5.00 p.m. The residents gave their full support for a new Committee to be elected.  The Committee complied – Hwang Hong Shi


President  –   Hwang Hong Shi

Vice President – Hj. Halim Musa

Hon. Secretary-  Nik Abdul Rahman

Hon. Asst. Secretary –  Katayya a/l  Mariappan

Hon. Treasurer – Oh Eng Choon


Representatives from:

Mawar  – Gary G.V. Nair

Lavinia – Fidel Khoo and Herbert Khaw

Melati  –   Patmannesan a/l T. Perampalan

Persiaran – Lee Wah Joo and Puan Thung nee Shih Ming

Lebuh/Jalan –  Hj. Abdul Subahan b. Hj. Mydin, Tan Kean Hock and Chen Mew Yong

Lintang –  Munid b. Said and Hj. Sheik Sansol Bahari

Tingkat – Wong Poh Chan and Ms. Chia Meng See

Internal Auditors –  Cheah Seng Kee and Tan Kean Hock

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