Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

We Are One


Look around today

See the world around you

There’s a whole world of difference

Between me and you

But open up your eyes

And look around once more

See that everyone is different

From the colours, to our lives

I see many flowers in the field

Many colours in the world

Many faces, many different lives

I see many different personalities

Many different wants and needs

Many hearts and many different minds

But we walk the same land

We breathe from the same air

In this world of many people

We are one

Open up our hearts

And open up our minds

To love one another

In the way we love ourselves

Put behind our differences

And join our hearts together

Coz we are the same in the eyes

Of our Creator


I see through your eyes

The unspoken words

I see your true beauty

Through your every smile

Look at ourselves

Look at our faces

The beauty of our lives

Is in us

Music and Lyrics by Teh Ju Ping


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