Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

26.1.2011 – Walkabout with MPPP Councillor Mr Tan Seng Keat

Meeting with MPPP Councillor, Mr Tan Seng Keat on 26.1.2011 at 10.30 am at the RA


The president, Mr Hwang Hong Shi, made this appointment with Mr Tan regarding maintenance in Dataran Bunga Raya and TSN. Their walkabout took about 2 hours. The purpose was for Mr Tan to see first-hand the park facilities and other problems we are facing. Mr Tan was very attentive and took notes and photographs of all faulty facilities and equipment. He also visited the Linear Park and other parts of the Taman.

The following were pointed out and noted by Mr Tan :

1.  MPPP signboard without any wordings left – suggested ‘A Cleaner, Greener, Penang’ wording instead.

2.  Notice board behind goal-post to be removed – not used anymore and glass broken

3.  TYT’s concrete slab on opening of Dataran Bunga Raya has disappeared – needs to be replaced.

4.  Football goal nets to be repaired or replaced.

5.  Outdoor gym equipment to be repaired and upgraded.

6.  Concrete benches around Children’s Playground.

7.  More field lighting to be installed.

8.  Tree branches spreading over RA Clubhouse to be trimmed.

9.  Monsoon drains with stagnant water to be cleared and cleaned.

10. Fencing beside monsoon drains to be replaced.

11. Road signs at Lbh Bk Kecil 4 to be replaced – not readable.

12. Linear Park : Illegal cemented carparks, advertisements billboards, structures and obstacles to be removed.

13. Road in front of Melati Apts to be made into a one-way passage with a split road straight into the Expressway without turning right into Kristal Point. This will ease traffic flow and reduce congestion.

14. Abandoned Food Court : We have already written to the YDP MPPP for it to be converted into a LA 21 Resource & Community Centre.  We were informed by Mr Tan that this whole project is now under the Penang State EXCO (pl ref to earlier posting) : https://tsnra.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/campaign-against-another-food-court-in-our-taman/

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