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February 9, 2013

TSN residents’ meeting with 3 lawyers due to objections over high rise apartments

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This important meeting was held in the Taman Sri Nibong Residents’ Association  

on Wednesday 6 February 2013 at 8.30 pm. About 30 residents turned up for the

meeting. The 3 lawyers present were  Mr M.S. Rajendren, Mr Allen Choong & Mr Cheng

Theng Keat, who is also a TSN resident. Taman residents had already petitioned to

MPPP  against M/S Kewira Jaya’s high-rise apartments in our Taman. The lawyers

briefed the residents on the process of appeal and subsequent judicial reviews. They

took  back notes and would review the case to advise us on the next steps after the CNY

holidays.  The appeal hearing had been fixed for 19 Mar 2013.



Please refer to previous blog posting on objections by residents at :


*A signature campaign had been conducted with 1617 signatures of residents from 1087

households. The hard copies of the petition signatures had been submitted to the YDP

MPPP ( https://tsnra.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/7477/




We succeeded in our appeal via M/S Allen & Associates

in not allowing M/S KewiraJaya

( developer of the 2 apartment blocks of 341 medium cost units)

to have an access road through our Taman to the coastal highway.


Photos by Ms Fidel Ho

February 5, 2013

Meeting with lawyers concerning SP Setia’s high-rise project in TSN

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Reminder to all concerned residents

in Taman Sri Nibong and supporters.

TSNRA has arranged for a meeting with 3 lawyers

concerning the above project which received

too many objections from residents.

Please come for this important meeting.

Wednesday 6.2.2013

8.30 pm

TSNRA Clubhouse.

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