Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

Report on special meeting with ADUN YB Dato’ Tn Hj Rashid b Hasnon, Health Department, MPPP and JKR


Jalan Bukit Kecil 2, Taman Sri Nibong, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang


Date    : 11 November 2013

Venue : TSNRA

Meeting started at 8.40 pm 


YB Dato’ Tn Hj Rashid bin Hasnon (ADUN / DCM1),

En Mubarak Junus (Pengarah Bahagian Perkhidmatan Perbandaran),

Dr Mohd Iqbal Hamzah (Jabatan Kesihatan Barat Daya),

En Abdul Rahim Bin Itam – Penolong Jentera Kanan (JKR)

Mr Tan Seng Keat – Technician (JKR)


Residents of TSN

Jeffrey Ho, Wong CJ, David  HS Hwang, Seah Yeow Ngee, Molly Ooi, Steven Gan, Oh EC, Jenny Tan, Au YY May, Wendy Ang, Harry Koay, Chua FL, Dr Shah MK, Hawa Shah, Tan Lipis, Alex Wong, Raj, Hj Subahan, Hj Mydin, Herbert Khaw and Tn Hj Halim



Mr Jeffrey Ho (President Chairman of Taman Sri Nibong Residents Association) started the meeting with a short welcome speech.


Opening Speech by YB Dato’ Hj Rashid bin Hasnon

YB Dato’ Tn Hj Rashid then introduced his team and asked for the self-introduction of all present.

In his speech, YB Dato’ Rashid who was representing the CM said that in view of the numerous dengue cases as well as the 2 fatalities, the Taman has been classified as a HOT High Alert area for dengue.


Presentation by Mr Chris Wong (Leader of COMBI Taman Sri Nibong)

Mr Wong then made a presentation of the recent incidences of dengue outbreaks in our Taman and the problems faced by the residents.  He gave details of the analysis of the data collected by the TSNRA COMBI TEAM and categorized possible causes into 6 main areas namely:

a.      Drainage – about 80% of the drains have waterlogging or stagnation problems.

b.      Field waterlogged after the rain – this has been a long standing problem

c.       No man’s land – the Linear Park between the Taman and the LCE Expressway has been neglected because nobody  seems to know who is responsible for it.

d.      Shop Lots area cleanliness – neither the management of the commercial area or the MPPP seems to take responsibility for the cleanliness and drainage of this area.

e.      Vacant houses – random check showed 3 houses, but there could be more such houses which are serious breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes.

f.        Rubbish collection – council contractors are not ensuring that rubbish bins are kept closed after emptying the bins, thus they collect water and attract mosquitoes.


Action Items

Following much discussion, the following short and long term countermeasures were proposed:


1. Drainage Problems:

Short Term countermeasure: Task force to be set up under En Mubarak. Task forces will come in and do daily cleaning of all the drains until they are cleared. (Resp: En Mubarak, Date: w.e.f. 12 Nov 2013)

Long Term countermeasure:  Once the drains have been cleared, JKR to come in and identify the areas of the drains that have problems (sunken, broken, etc.) and make plans for repair.

JKR requested En Mubarak to mark down location of stagnant drainage on the map given by JKR and they will do the repairs according to sectors.


2. Waterlogged field

The field is under MPPP management, not JKR.

Short term countermeasures:

a.      To use sand to fill up the waterlogged patches.

b.      All incidences of water logging which persist for more than 2 days in dry weather to be reported to the health department, who will send people to spray the area with insecticide or oil.

Long Term Countermeasure: To carry out study on how to remedy the situation. (Resp: En Mubarak)

Example: Using solution like Padang Brown, remove top soil and lay underground pipes in the field. This will require closure of field for six months.


3) No man’s land

The big drain in the no man’s land is under the responsibility JPS (Jabatan Parit & Saliran).  Mr Wong to contact JPS. In the meantime, JKR to assist in keeping the place clean (Mr Tan /JKR)


4) Shop lots

The cleanliness of the area must be maintained by the management company GE Tan.  No one is taking care of the current drainage around Tzu Chi Recycling Centre and there are missing manholes in the shop lots area. MPPP will look into the drainage around the recycling centre (Resp: En Mubarak)


5) Vacant houses

YB Dato’ Hj Rashid suggested a 3-prong approach to tackle this:

a.      To find out from the lawyers regarding the ownership of the abandoned house (Resp: Jeffery)

b.      MPPP to seek opinion from their legal advisors on how to legally enter the houses. Police permits should be obtained.

c.       Health Dept. to oversee the elimination of mosquito breeding potentials (Resp: Dr Iqbal)


Other Matters

1.      Rubbish Collection: Current garbage collection schedule is 3x per week. There is a GPS tracking system implemented to monitor the contractor.

2.      To report all incidences of non-collection or other issues such as lids of bins left opened etc. to MPPP ( resp : all residents )

3.      Dr Shah also brought up the issue where some areas do not have proper drainage. Dato’ Rashid requested MPPP and JKR to visit the area to improve the drainage.

4.      TSNRA area representatives to follow Jabatan Kesihatan officers during house inspection to persuade residents to open up their house for inspection since this issue is getting serious now with 2 deaths.

5.      Mr Oh EC thanked our ADUN for coming up with solutions for the above 6 main area. He also suggested that Linear Park area near Kristal Point into a car park to ease parking problems there. Mr Hwang mentioned that Linear Park is a federal land. JKR to check and see if they have the right to do this. (Resp: YB Sim)


General Discussion:

1)  Dr Iqbal said that weekly gotong-royongs have been organized since September. In addition, house-to-house surveys are being conducted in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. However there are residents who refused to allow the health officers to enter their premises. He advises residents who choose to shut their doors and windows during fogging to use insect spray for every corner of their houses during fogging to ensure mosquitoes do not hide inside. Aedes mosquitoes are most active between 6.30 – 8.00 pm and 5.30 – 7.00 am. He also added that mosquitoes are drawn to human blood, not empty houses, so there is still a lot of work to be done within residents’ premises. In addition, residents should also take care of their own house frontage.

2)  Mr Jeffrey Ho mentioned that the Sepak Takraw court should be resurfaced and the faulty 2 units of exercise equipment be taken away. Equipment taken away should be replaced. (Resp: Tn Hj Akhbar,)

3)  YB Dato’ Rashid said that the key people must hold their own meetings and report to him and the TSNRA by the end of November.


Meeting ended at 11.15 pm with Mr Jeffrey Ho thanking YB Dato’ Tn Hj Rashid for sponsoring the packet food and drinks.

Minutes recorded by  :  Raj,  Seah and Molly on 15 Nov 2013

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