Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

November 22, 2009

Help us to change our world for the better

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November 11, 2009

Serving our Taman Sri Nibong Community

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Sow seeds of care

To the dear residents of Taman Sri Nibong and all our supporters,

Your Taman Sri Nibong Residents’ Association needs you.

We urgently need 2 Area Representatives for Persiaran

and another Representative for Mawar Apartments.

We also need sponsors for our coming Annual Bulletin.

We know that many of you are busy and can’t find time.

All of us serving in the TSNRA Committee are busy too.

We all have careers or are full-time homemakers with children.

But we make time to serve you and help make our community

one of the best in Penang. Please make time to help us serve your families.

If each of us can sow just a tiny seed to make our world a better place,

we will all reap our harvest one day, both for ourselves and for our children.

If you can sacrifice some of your time for community service,

please contact the President,  Mr H.S. Hwang (016-4701273)

or email him at : davidhshwang@gmail.com

Thank you so  much for your precious time.

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