Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

Meeting with ADUN YB Dato’ Tn Hj Rashid, Health Department, MPPP and JKR – 11 November 2013

Mtg 11 Nov

Date : 11 November 2013

Time : 8.30 – 11.15 pm

Venue : TSNRA


This special meeting was called by our ADUN Dato’ Tn Hj Rashid bin Hasnon concerning the high, red alert dengue situation and 2 fatalities in Taman Sri Nibong. Officers from the Health Department, MPPP and JKR were present at this dialogue  with the TSNRA  and residents.

Our Dengue Combi team leader Mr CJ Wong brought up 6 problem areas to be addressed with short and long-termed measures:


1. Drainage and sinking land

2. Waterlogged field

3. Linear Park

4. Shop lots beside the Tzu Chi Recycling Centre

5. Abandoned houses

6. Uncovered garbage bins in the park and outside houses


A detailed report will be submitted by our TSNRA Hon. Secretary soon.

Please follow our blog postings for updates on all preventive measures to control dengue outbreaks in TSN by the respective departments.

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