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D’Home Mental Health Association



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D’Home Mental Health Association
66, Lintang Bukit Jambul,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang


Tel: (60) 4-643 4432 ( call Kavita )
Fax: (60) 4-643 4432


Email : dhomepg@rocketmail.com


Mission & Objectives


Our Mission

* To provide support, guidance and education for caregivers and families who have loved ones suffering from persistent mental illness.

* To improve the quality of life of those with psychiatric disabilities and to develop their social functioning skills through good psychological adjustment thus paving the way for their reintegration into society.

* To improve awareness for the better understanding and early detection of mental illness thereby increasing and enhancing the rate of successful rehabilitation through early treatment.


Our Objectives


Support & Guidance

* To provide support and encouragement to family members and caregivers of the mentally ill.

* To establish support groups where parents, spouses, siblings and friends of the mentally ill may share their experiences and give emotional support to one another.



* To reduce societal discrimination and stigma towards people with psychiatric disabilities by educating the community through seminars, workshops and the mass media.

* To promote a better standard of health care for those with mental illness.

* To provide networking opportunities.


Education & Training

* To conduct courses (Family Link Education Programme), medical talks and seminars for immediate family members, caregivers and the general public.

* To provide vocational training and develop living skills functioning for recovered patients and assist them in job placement opportunities.

* To provide support to schools, colleges, police, communities, families for the better understanding and early detection and treatment of mental illness.


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