Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

Penang Family Health Development Association






What We Do

Family planning clinics including abortion counselling

MAYCARE Centre for women and families

Pap smear, breast examination & women’s health treatment

Youth Advisory Centre activities

Unwanted pregnancy and adolescent health

Outreach to Pusat Serenti (drug rehabilition centre)

Pre employment medical exam

HPV vaccination (cervical cancer)

Outreach visits to unwed mothers’ shelter home

Relationship counselling at Family Development Centre (FDC)

Me & You (MAY) charity support group for AIDS families

Hokkien classes

Blood tests and Hepatitis vaccination

School and factory talks

Genito-urinary treatment

Bringing Awareness of sexual & reproductive health

and HIV prevention To Sex workers (BATS) projects

STI & SRH outreach campaigns


Please go the PFHDA link above for more info

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