Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

(A) Welcome to TSNRA



Taman Sri Nibong

Residents’ Association

Jalan Bukit Kecil  Dua

11900 Bayan Lepas



Advisor : Hwang Hong Shi

President : Jeffrey Ho


Thank you for visiting our very own TSNRA BLOG to

update and inspire you. This community blog has  lots of

interesting features for everyone in your family.

The TSNRA is apolitical but it will support the government of the day,

working closely with its ADUN,  MP, government departments, NGOs,

Private Organizations and the public for the betterment of the

community and our environment.

We aspire to make this an inspiring blog, positive in its content,

simple, easily accessible, and  practical to both young and old.

We wish to benefit everyone ,  promote goodwill and understanding,

and spread the message of love, peace and joy to all who visit.

We welcome constructive feedback and comments from you.

Please email the Editor. We’d love to hear from you.

Do support the TSNRA as a Resident member

or be an Associate member residing outside the Taman.

We are all a family subscribing to the same aims and aspirations

towards a more harmonious, peaceful and productive society.

Join in our activities, live a healthier and more active lifestyle,

and make new friends. You are always welcome as a member.

The annual subscription is nominal –  RM 12 per year and entrance fee

of RM 10 for the whole family, including children under 12  years of age.

You can also be a Life Member for only RM 100 and your name will be

displayed on a special board in our RA Clubhouse.

We’ll post new  activities here . Do visit for regular updates.

We look forward to your membership and participation.

Make our RA one which you will be proud of !

Best wishes and God bless you.


Molly S.C. Ooi


Blogger, Moderator & Bulletin Editor

Publicity and Publications





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