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November 28, 2010

Campaign against another Food Court and SUPPORT for a Resource & Community Center in our Taman

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Dear Residents of Taman Sri Nibong & Penangites,

I am writing this requesting your urgent support on the above matter. As you are all aware, our Medan Food Court has been a white elephant for 4 years after its 2 closures as MPPP medan selera and market.

The TSNRA has been pursuing the conversion of this abandoned eye-sore into a Southern Penang community centre since it was abandoned in 2006.

Pl ref to the proposal we have submitted to the State Govt in our blog.


When the previous govt was in power, the previous YDP of MPPP had agreed to this conversion.

Just read these mails we received way back in October 2007 : FC Past Approval

But the rest is history. BN lost Pg St and the whole project ended up in limbo. Reps of our present govt ( ie Exco Members like YB Phee Boon Poh, YB Chow Kon Yeow and YB Lydia Ong ) are all in favour. We also MPPP councilors supporting us.

However, the biggest obstacle is the lack of funds and maintenance. Our present govt cannot afford to spend a huge sum renovating and maintaining this centre as there are other more needy areas eg eradication of hard core poverty. We had to depend on NGOs like the Rotary Clubs and Lions Clubs for support. The Lions responded. They are willing to make this the main Lions project for 2011 (pooling together expertise and resources from all Lions’ Clubs in Penang) to raise funds for the renovations and sign a MOU with MPPP to maintain this Community Centre. The State Govt and other NGOs (as suggested in my PDF) will also come in to benefit the community at large.

With this assurance from the Lions, we once again met at YB Chow’s (Exco Member for Local Govt) office together with 2 MPPP officers from the Licensing & Valuation Depts on Thurs afternoon. After the meeting, they asked me to do another presentation at the MPPP after 2 weeks – why ?

Now this is the urgent news

They told us about the MPPP offer to Teluk Bayan Food Court at Pantai Jerejak. They have another 2 more weeks to respond to this offer. Residents there have been complaining about them dirtying the place, hence this alternative offer. However TSN residents have also been against both the medan and market way since it was there. It makes no sense to have another Food Court to dirty, pollute and cause noise & traffic congestion in our beautiful taman. Food Courts like this are only out to make money. They will not be so concerned about our residents’ welfare.

TSNRA supports the govt to change our state into a Green, Sustainable & Caring Penang. But we need you to support us. The MPPP would like a letter from us saying that the residents here are NOT in favour of another food court and will support this community centre. In addition to conducting door-to-door signature campaigns, we will also rally and call for a press conference as a last resort. Will you please voice your support? Please send me an email voicing strongly against another food court and supporting a Com’ty Centre.  Show up for our rally when we hold one. I will compile all your emails and other petitions and present them to the MPPP when we do our next presentation together with reps from all the Lions Clubs of Pg.



Finally, please help us to fwd this mail to other residents in TSN. We need as much support as we can get.  GBU and thank you.


Best regards,

Molly S.C. Ooi

(Mrs Hwang Hong Shi)

Blog Editor

Publicity & Publications



November 7, 2010

You can do it ……..

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