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Malaysia is at a cross-roads today. Something is stirring in the psyche of the people.

They are starting to come out and reclaim the basic rights that they have lost over the years. They are now waking up and demanding meaningful change: more democratic space, greater accountability, respect for human rights.

Aliran identifies with this natural quest for justice in all aspects of public life. Indeed, that has been the core of our struggle since 1977, making us Malaysia’s oldest human rights group.

Aliran Kesedaran Negara (Malay for National Consciousness Movement) is Malaysia’s first multi-ethnic reform movement dedicated to justice, freedom and solidarity. Listed on the Roster of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1987, Aliran has a consistent record of championing democratic reforms. (Why Aliran?)

Guided by universal spiritual values, our struggle focuses on building genuine unity by upholding human dignity and promoting social justice for all Malaysians.

Since 1977, we have been planting the seeds of public awareness of critical political, economic and social issues. Over the years, we have lobbied hard for wide-ranging reforms in all aspects of public life. (Pages from the Past) Today, the stirring cries of “Reformasi!” ring out for all to hear.

To conscientise the public, we publish Aliran Monthly, Malaysia’s leading independent English-language news magazine. With 40 pages of independent articles and in-depth analyses, it is a ‘must read’ for all those concerned about what is really going on in Malaysia. (Analysing Aliran, Speaking of Justice)


Aliran was launched in Penang on 12 August 1977 by seven concerned Malaysians from different ethnic backgrounds. Today, we are a national reform movement with members, friends and supporters from different parts of the country. Locating the Aliran office

Position in Malaysian society

Aliran is the first movement of its kind in the history of our country. We are multi-ethnic in our philosophy, policies, programmes and membership – unlike most movements in the past, which were confined to one community or another.

We have a holistic, comprehensive concept of change which is not bound to any particular time frame. Most movements so far have been concerned with specific issues for short periods of time. (Aliran’s first 25 years)

Besides, Aliran’s struggle for social justice is guided by a universal spiritual world-view which makes it different from other groups whose foundation is either strictly secular or religious in a sectarian sense.

Most of all, Aliran is not involved in electoral competition for power and position. In this way, we hope to preserve and protect our role as a social educator dedicated to the evolution of a new social order.

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