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Mission and Vision

Asia360˚ aims to be the world’s leading current affairs print and online newsmagazine on Asia; communicating Asian perspectives on Asian news to the region and the rest of the world.

Asia360˚ through our editorial processes will:

• Provide a coherent and accurate account of key developments in each Asian country

• Provide a coherent and accurate account of key region-wide events and developments

• Combine coverage of news with analysis by leading thinkers in the region

• Situate accurately regional events in a broader global context, communicating Asian opinions and insights proactively to other Asians and the world

• Contribute towards creating a shared narrative on Asia told through Asians to promote meaningful exchanges of ideas and values within and across Asian communities, as well as between Asians and the rest of the world.

Asia360 Editorial Concept & Values

To ensure we live up to the task we have set for ourselves, our core team of seasoned editors and senior regional correspondents will work alongside local journalists in each of the 26 countries we cover to make sure we pay heed to local sensitivities as we situate Asian news in a broader context. And to ensure that we do justice to the complex issues and make them accessible to a wide Asian audience, we have corralled a robust network of prominent Asian academics, civil society and policy experts.

Apart from holding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism in news reporting and analysis, we allow ourselves to be held accountable by our readers in openly sharing how we go about selecting the most important topics and issues in our coverage of Asia.

Through our “NewsLab” method, we will sieve through every significant local news source (print, broadcast and web) in each Asian country, in order to identify and bring to our readers the key events and issues currently seizing public attention in that country.

Having scoured through all major news sources (including credible independent citizen news websites), we are able to bring to our readers a rich cross section of local views and critical perspectives surrounding an issue or event.

Through this, we can assure readers that our news coverage of Asian countries truly reflects what is on the minds of their people.

In addition, our ability to tap into our on-the-ground network of political, social and economic experts as well as key local actors enables us to provide a more candid insider’s view.

Replicating this bottom up approach throughout the 26 Asian countries we cover allows us to operationalise meaningfully our goal of providing “Asian views on Asian news.”

With this rigorous approach in place, we are able to assure readers that Asia360 is no vanity project, and that our editorial independence is exercised with utmost accountability and transparency.

Last, and by no means least, we would approach all our coverage of Asian issues through our editorial lens and personal commitment to democracy, good governance and sustainable human development in the region.

Asia360 Team

We are a group of dynamic and experienced Asian professionals from various Asian countries spanning the fields of media, journalism, marketing, consulting, advertising, law, public policy and academia. We have worked in Asia and internationally in the private, public and non-profit sectors, and have acted as consultants and advisors to multinational corporations, international and regional organizations, governments and senior business and political figures.

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