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Better Penang

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Better Penang – Towards a healthier, greenier, sustainable & liveable city

#BetterPenang is a group of Penangites and people who love Penang, coming together to make Penang a global, liveable and sustainable city of the future.

We are a movement, not an organisation because a movement is inclusive, its door is always open and its structure dynamic. Therefore some of the key people of #BetterPenang are called conveners, not president or chairperson.

We aim to be the meeting point of people and ideas but more than that, we aim to be a trend, not a brand. A trend belongs to everyone, it is not ‘owned’ by a single person or group or organisation. Which is why there is always a #hash tag in front of our name. No one will be sued for ‘misusing’ the term #BetterPenang because it belonged to everyone captured by the idea of a better Penang in every sense of the word. To allow as much creativity as possible, we deliberately refuse to have many guidelines or rules. However, for the sake of having a clear framework to work on (we don’t want to be accused of being too broad and undefined), we adopt the two following concepts as our starting point:

Imagining our ideal cities

Imagine the kind of city we want to live in five, ten or fifty years from now – what sort of buildings, streets, infrastructures, public transport and activities it will have; let’s start working to build it today! We are not only talking about George Town (although we love George Town big time), but we are also thinking about Gelugor, Balik Pulau, Kepala Batas, Seberang Jaya, Bukit Mertajam, Nibong Tebal.

People taking charge, together

We believe it is time that we, the people, start to take charge. We live and work in the city, drive around it, run and walk along its streets, use its facilities. In other words, the city is our living sphere. So we must come together to ensure the well being of our city, because only we know what we really want. We believe that the people have the advantage of possessing local knowledge, the knowledge of the world around us. Such knowledge can help us to develop new ideas to improve our surrounding. But a good idea is only good if we can get it implemented. And often, we cannot do it in isolation from our neighbours. The city is a shared space, if we want to do good for it, we must do it together.

How We Contribute

Local initiatives

Initiating various projects which promote community participation to achieve our stated goals

Local knowledge

Documenting, expanding and diffusing local knowledge and wisdom which enable the creation of a better living environment for the people

Local policies

Advocating and influencing policymakers to adopt and implement agendas resulting from the outcome of local initiatives and local knowledge.

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