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Legal Aid

The Penang Bar was the pioneer in legal aid.

It gave its support when the idea was mooted.

Legal aid for the needy and poor started in merely a shack in Bayan Lepas.

It was in full swing under the flagship of the Penang Legal Advisory Centre.

The Bar council having observed the success of our project soon adopted it

as one of its programmes and made it compulsory for each State to have at least

one legal aid centre. Today, Penang has 2 full-time legal aid centres at Green Hall

on the island and Kampung Benggali on the mainland and 2 clinics at

Permatang Damar Laut and Bukit Tambun.


It is not in our nature to rest on our past laurels.

We therefore decided to take legal aid step another step further.

Seeing the success of “Meals on Wheels” which provides food for the poor,

we decided to embark upon another bold venture – legal aid on wheels.

Hence, the birth of our van, which is popularly known as MOBLAC

(the acronym for Mobile Legal Aid Centre), which goes to rural areas

and pasar malam to further disseminate our outreach programmes

and to reach out to the needy and poor.


Please go the main link above for the contact info,

location and operation times of these centres

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