Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

Clearing of land for Tree Planting : 25.6.2009

This is a Gotong-Royong project with YB Sim’s Office, PDC,  MPPP Landscape Dept, JKR,

the Forestry Department, Land Office, D.O. Office and our site contractor to further beautify

our Taman. The State  Government has approved allocations for upgrading Work on State Land,

Sg Nibong Expressway.  The plan is to create a  green lung between TSN and the Expressway.

Suitable trees will be planted and the strip of  land from Melati to Lavinia will be cleared

and levelled for this park.  The extent of this project will depend on government funds.

(Both pic above and below by Mr Tan Kean Hock)

Tree Planting is an act of reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a healthier future for our families.

This project will benefit our residents with fresher air and greenery to absorb dust, toxic fumes and noise

pollution emitted by the constant stream of vehicles plying the expressway. Just planting one tree betters

our environment in so many ways. Trees filter air pollution, help recycle water, prevent soil loss, create shade,

give shelter from sun, wind and rain, provide homes for animals, make food for humans and wildlife and

provide an interesting, soothing, learning environment for our children and our community.

We do not want our beautiful Taman to be a dumping site for rubbish

or a thriving ground for lallangs and mosquitoes

( Pics above by Molly S.C.Ooi )

So let’s work together with the authorities to keep our Taman clean and ‘green’

If there are dead or dying trees on your road which need to be replaced,

please inform your Area Reps :

Tingkat : Dr Shah Mahal Khan  019-4788733

:  Ms Hawa Shah  012-5943977

Lintang  : Ms Wendy Koo 012-4785124

: Ms Jenny Tan 012-4606938

Persiaran :  Mr C.C. Loo 04- 6427718

Lebuh/Jalan : Mr Tan Kean Hock  012-4386963

:  Mr Wong Chow Jeng 012-4278082

Lavinia : Mr Peter Khoo 012-4565866

: Mr Herbert Khaw 04-6421391

Melati : Mr Patmanesan 013-4202259

: Mr Hor Seng Nam 04-6448992

Mawar : Mr Tony Tan 019-5664316


A meeting between all government authorities concerned

and residents in Lebuh Bk.Kecil 5 was held on Sat 20.2.2010 at 5.30 pm

in the RA Clubhouse regarding the clearance of the State land opposite

their houses. However, only a small number of residents turned up

despite notices distributed to every household there.

Pics above by Molly S.C.Ooi

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