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Help 4 U _Youth




Help 4 u is an online helpline to help in learning related issues &

problems of students who are in secondary schools, colleges or universities.


• To provide a confidential, non-judgmental, anonymous online service to young people with learning related problems and concerns which are affecting their studies.

• To focus on providing timely and effective help for users.

• To respond to emails sent to us on issues about emotional, social, and physical concerns related to learning & studying. We provide help to students by offering different perspectives, and opening them to more options and alternatives.

Sharing your problems with someone who cares can help you look at your problems from another point of view. It helps:

• Sort out your feelings

Telling about what is upsetting you helps you to sort out your feelings and make the situation clearer.

• Put things in perspective

If you have been keeping things to yourself, the situation may appear to be more overwhelming than it actually is. Telling your concerns to someone may help you see the situation in a new and different perspective.

Advantages of an Internet Helpline

Accessibility : You can easily log on to our website and email us anytime.

Confidentiality : What you tell us will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Anonymity : We are not known to each other.

Free : You do not have to pay.

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