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August 23, 2011

Unity in Diversity

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August 6, 2011


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August 1, 2011

Community Policing Report

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ON WEDNESDAY 27TH JULY 2011 at 9.15 pm

This talk was hosted by our TSNRA, organized by the RA’s Vice President and PIC of Safety and Security , Dr. Shah Mahal Khan.  Invited guest was Mr. Anthony Kang Cheng Guan, Secretary of Persatuan Keselamatan Suka Rela Pulau Pinang (Queensbay Area), who briefed the residents on community policing. He brought along with him 2 other members of the Community Police. Also present was Sergeant Johari, Chief of Queensbay Police Station, who talked on the police’s efforts and progress in crime fighting in our area. He said that the police is unable to  cover all areas adequately and therefore the police as well as the Community Police need support from the public. The police patrol from 12 am to 6 am as this is the time when most break-ins and cases of stolen cars happen. Due to this night patrolling, the crime rate has reduced. However, these undesirables resort to carry on such activities during the day now.  As per Queensbay Police Station’s records, from January 2011 to date, there were  7 house break-ins and 4 cases of stolen vehicles in Taman Sri Nibong. He urged house owners to invest in a CCTV and an alarm system. Mr. Hwang, President of the RA,  remarked that the RA had applied for 6 CCTVs for the RA from the Federal Government, but up to date no reply has been received. Moreover, the indifferent attitude of our residents might have attributed to this state of uneasiness. Many people are still unaware of the existence and functions of Community Policing. Below is a summary for those who are interested to know more :

Who are the Community Police Pulau Pinang ?

It consists of a group of volunteers, men and women, who assist the police in fighting crimes in different areas. Besides safety issues, CP also responds to distress calls not related to crime. Our neighbouring areas already have community police. Taman Sri Nibong is the only area which does not have an established community police yet. So far, only about 50 people in TSN have showed interest. More are needed to form a strong team.

What does a volunteer have to do ?

Naturally, they must be fit and willing to take a certain personal risk. However, they do not patrol alone but act as a group. They are to liaise with the police. If they receive a distress call, any of the volunteers who is available at that time,  will respond immediately and rush to the scene of the crime or the place where a distress call comes from.

Hence they :

  1. assist the public and police in fighting crimes.
  2. respond to other distress calls of the public, e.g. removing snakes from a house, helping to change a punctured tyre, etc.

Since there are many members (3000 in Penang and 4000 on the mainland), there will always be volunteers available at any time.

How do you identify a CP volunteer ?

Volunteers on duty must wear a CP T-shirt and a CP vest. They carry an identification batch and a walkie-talkie by means of which they can communicate with all other volunteers.

Can I join the Community Police Program for my and my family’s protection, without being an active volunteer ?

Yes, you may join this program without having to go out and volunteer.

How can I  register for the Community Police program ?

  1. Fill in a form to register as a CP member. This form will be certified by the police.
  2. Bring 4 copies of your I/C
  3. Bring 4 copies of your photograph
  4. Pay RM 350 for a walkie-talkie (usually, a walkie-talkie needs to be licensed, but Sergeant Johari said this will be waived for CP members as it is a community service). The frequency reaches until BM. The walkie-talkie has 2 channels, one which is connected to all users in Penang, and one to communicate from one to another.  Each walkie-talkie has its own number and the user must identify him or herself by number.  It is strictly for emergencies and not meant for personal use.
  5. Pay RM 30 for the CP T-Shirt
  6. Pay RM 45 for the CP Vest (only for those interested in patrolling)
  7. Contact the PIC for Taman Sri Nibong, Dr. Shah Mahal Khan (019-4788 733) for registration and further information.

No additional costs and no renewal fees are charged. You may keep the walkie-talkie in your house and call the volunteers any time you need help. You may also carry it around anywhere. You may give it to other family members to use.

The Community Police has no sponsors, that is why the above fee is charged.

At the end of the talk, 8 residents registered. Others showed interest and might register later.

As Sergeant Johari remarked, it is sad that only so few people turned up for such an important talk and participate in the community policing project. He remarked that people often complain but do nothing to help improve the situation.  The police need to work together with the people to combat crimes and bring peace to the Taman.  Join the group now!

Additional link :

Community Policing Facebook _Pantai Jerejak and Bayan Baru


Report and Pics by Ms Hawa Shah, Committee Member, TSNRA

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