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Eat Penang: A 24-hour street food experience


Eat Penang: A 24-hour street food experience

Penang has been labelled a “hawker’s paradise” because of the sheer variety of hawker or street food available.

But we decided to take it up one notch; test and see if this little island up north is really the only place in Malaysia where you can find food of every imaginable taste and flavour… at every hour of the day!

By the roadside, in airy coffee shops and yes, even in dark secluded corners where the flames of the cooking fire and aroma of cooked food are the only indications that food can be found there.

We tried them all.

This is not just a food guide but a journey or a street food experience that will tease and stimulate your palate and senses.

The whole route has been meticulously planned so that you can take in some Penang sights as you tuck into what we can call a “24-course meal” in 24 hours.

Things you may need: GPS, plenty of loose change ― because you don’t want to hand over RM100 for a RM3 bowl of noodles and have the hawker glare at you ― and most important of all, an empty stomach with a huge appetite.

A note of warning: this is not for the weak of will or stomach!


The Malay Mail Online, 2 November 2013


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