Taman Sri Nibong RA Log




TSNRA serves the community so that   

we will all enjoy a better quality of life.   

As a  RA, we are aware of and are involved in   

what is going on around us. We work together   

with the community to care for the less fortunate  

and we are blessed in return.  


Malaysians have a lot to be thankful for.   

Thus, we, as a Residents’ Association,   

can do plenty to help the less fortunate   

but we need to sacrifice our time   

and energy. Malaysians can be generous :  

“ Donate money?  OK, can, no problem-lah.   

Help??? Aiyoh, where got time?  

Got dinner! Got family! Got work!  

This world, no money, no talk, you know !”  


There are ‘little’ things and ‘hidden riches’ in life   

which we can often take for granted – our sound minds,   

senses and healthy bodies, loved ones and friends, jobs  

and simple pleasures of  life etc. Very often, we may not   

be conscious that we are so blessed until  we compare   

ourselves to others less fortunate.  


There is an ancient Persian saying:  

“I wept because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.”  


Here are sites where you can help or get help.  


–  Editor  



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