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Bk.Jambul / Muka Head 2009

Hike up Bukit Jambul Hills : 15.11.2009

On this wet, rainy morning, 5 of us went for this hike ie.

committee members Hwang Hong Shi, Hor Seng Nam, Gurdeep Kaur together

with our friend Teh Leong Meng ( who took the pics) and Molly, the blog editor.

The trail was interesting, going uphill, then levelling and downhill again.


Hike to Muka Head : 5.12.2009

This is a longer hike to one of the best, unspoilt beaches in Penang – Muka Head.

Committee members Hwang Hong Shi, Hor Seng Nam and Gurdeep Kaur went along

with friends and those who responded to our blog and the Star ‘What’s Up’ ad.

We enjoyed the magnificent blue sky and crystal blue sea

Beautiful, clean beach with fine white sand

Dead dolphin on the beach

At the USM Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies

Then onto the Lighthouse – the most strenuous climb of this hike

The 115-year historical tower of the lighthouse.

Its original lights, fueled by petroleum vapour, were first installed

around 1900 by Chance Brother Smethwick of Birmingham.

In 1954, these lights were replaced by the same firm using electric lamp.

Erected atop a 240 meter (785 foot) cliff, the lighthouse makes a dramatic

marker to ships and sailors negotiating the northwestern cape of the island

Our awesome view from the top of the lighthouse

At the foot of the lighthouse after a challenging climb

View of Muka Head beach from the sea

What an enjoyable outing !  An invigorating break from our polluted city life.

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