Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

Penang Green Council


Chairman’s Message

In order to make Penang a green state that is greener, cleaner and safer, the Penang State Government has set up PGC Strategies Sdn. Bhd(Penang Green Council) whose main functions are:

(1) To carry out activities, programs to realize the State Government objective of making Penang a “green” State by preserving and conserving the environment; to improve the quality of life with the assistance and co-operation of all stakeholders, related governmental or non-governmental organizations and the private sector corporations.

(2) To be a platform or forum to identify, discuss and undertake projects, surveys, investigations on sustainable development in Penang as well as to carry out and enforce the policies and aspirations of the State Government.

(3) To promote green industries and sustainable development that utilizes resources today in a manner that can still be utilized tomorro

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