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True Spirit of Muhibbah

Our country Malaysia is now over half a century old. How united are we?

Is there a true spirit of Muhibbah among the people of all tongues and tribes?

Malaysia has been referred to as a multi-racial and multi-cultural country.

But not many know how truly multi-cultural we are with a population of over 24,821,286 people.

Of course we know there are Malays, Chinese, Indians – the 3 main races and some Orang Asli.

These are only very broad groupings, but do we know that within each group

are clusters of people each with their own unique culture?

Just look at these fascinating groupings :


East Malaysia, Peninsular, Bugis, Minangkabau, Orang Jawa, Orang Pantai Timur


Cantonese, Hainanese, Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew


Indian Hindus, Indian Muslims, Pakistani, Bengali, Gujarati, Jaffna Tamil, Malayali,  Punjabi,

Sindhi, Singhalese, Tamil, Telugu


Baba, Eurasians, Malaccan Chitty, Thai Chinese

Orang Asli

Bateq, Chewong, Jah Hut, Jahai, Jakun, Kensiu, Kintaq, Lanoh, Mah Meri, Mendriq,

Orang Kanaq, Orang Kuala, Orang Seletar, Semai, Semelai, Semoq Beri, Temiar, Temoq, Temuan


Interior   :  Kadazandusun, Murut, Paitanic

Coastal   : Bajau, Bisaya-Tutong, Bonggi, Molbog, Sama, Tausug, Tutung


Interior    : Bidayuh, Iban, Kelabit, Kenyah, Penan, Punan, Sa’ban

Coastal   : Melanau

The listing above may not be complete. However, some may ask “So what ?

It has nothing to do with me !” That’s true, it has nothing to do with us as some of us may

even have problems with such tongue-twisting names. But they are all part and parcel of Malaysia,

even though they are ethnic minorities. Look at the cultural shows performed for tourists

– many feature presentations from such groups.

They make up our MULTI-CULTURAL society and they are the true COLOURS OF MALAYSIA !

‘We are only fragile threads, but what a  tapestry we make’ – Jerry Ellis

Mahatma Gandhi said that one of the greatest challenges of our day is finding unity in diversity.

Unity implies oneness. But oneness does not necessarily imply sameness.

We may be different and every cultural group is unique, but through unity of purpose, we are

a team in building our nation. We team together so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Just think of families, sports teams, work units, community projects, national ties etc.

In complementary teams, strengths are made productive and weaknesses are made irrelevant

because we are interdependent. No Man is an island – even Robinson Crusoe has Man Friday !

There are parts of a ship which, taken by themselves, would sink.

The engine would sink.  The propeller would sink,

But when the parts of a ship are built together, they float’

– Ralph Sockman

Our ‘ship’ is Malaysia. We cannot expect everybody to sing the same note to achieve harmony.

We network with others to succeed. In a win-win situation, we hold ourselves down

when we hold another down, but when we lift another up, we also lift ourselves up.

We don’t judge or put down another race, culture or creed just because we don’t agree

with certain policies – we have to love them because they are people of God, just like us.

Whether they are a majority or minority, they are Malaysians !

We must not let prejudice blind us from loving them and helping those who need us.

We must also have the spirit of thankfulness.

The TSNRA is politically neutral. We do not highlight any political party

but we must express our gratitude to our government representatives

for all they have done to improve TSN and everyone else who has helped us.

However, we will also highlight things which are not in order

or long overdue which need attention from the authorities.

Where opinions, morals and politics are concerned, there is no such thing as objectivity.

The best we can hope for is that freedom will enable subjective points of views

to meet and complement each other’ – Jean D’Ormesson.

Let us then in the spirit of Muhibbah, strive to love one another

and forgive and release one another for past hurts and wrongs.

We all have God given talents. Let us use them to serve one another in TSNRA.

We maybe only one solid brick in the pillar that holds up our nation,

but this pillar will collapse if  too many bricks are  hollow !

May the true spirit of Muhibbah live on in the hearts of all Malaysians.


Muhibbah, muhibbah

Itulah amalan kita semua

Muhibbah muhibbah

Sejak sedari zaman purbakala

Tunaikanlah ikrar

Satu nusa satu bangsa merdeka

Satu loghat dan satu suara

Dalam Malaysia jaya

Junjung tinggi cita-cita bangsa

Hormatilah perlembagaannya

Marilah kita berganding tangan

Hapus-kanlah jurang perbezaan

Muhibbah muhibbah

Gema bersatu padu satu bangsa

Negarakan makmur bahagia

Dalam Malaysia jaya

Molly S.C.Ooi,  Editor

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