Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

Taman Jajar, new Linear Park in TSN

Taman Sri Nibong residents are most fortunate.  We have been enjoying a beautiful

recreational park, Dataran Bunga Raya, right in the heart of our Taman, situated on the

largest field within a housing estate in Penang . Only the Polo Ground is larger than this

field. Now, we have Taman Jajar, a new 2.3 ha State Linear Park costing RM 125,000.

It is an extensive green lung that stretches right across the taman, reducing both dust

and noise pollution from the highway. Phase One (out of 4 phases) of his park is already

equipped with jogging treks, children’s playground and outdoor gym amidst

a variety of trees growing in our country.

Tmn Jajar








Photos by Molly S.C. Ooi

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