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Penang Tua Pui

We welcome you to join our Penang Fatty Club :)




Huat Koay – Hawker Food Seeker
Specializes in: hawker food, local delicacies
Roles: Web designer, Webmaster, Tech expert, Photographer

Taste is the main factor.. not location

Fei Fei: Fine Dining Expert
Specializes in: Restaurant and Fine Dining
Roles: Food guide, Photographer

Work Less, Eat Hard

Tam Ciak: Prai Food Hunter
Specializes in: Prai Food Hunter and Fine Dining
Roles: Editor, Photographer

Nothing but eat 24 hours

Tau Hua: Dessert Queen
Specialize in: Desserts, Cakes & Cookies
Roles: Editor, Food guide, Cook

I sense I come I eat


We are a group of fatty penang-lang (we call ourselves Penang Tua Pui )

who can’t control ourselves from eating and eating and eating.

In order to get more people to be as fat as us, we plan to write about good,

tasty and delicious food, particularly around Penang. We want to get more

and more people trapped into this. Get more fatties in Penang.

We want to make you lose control of your diet so you can’t stop eating

and hunting for food. Don’t lie to yourself, this is the food-blog

that you can’t stop yourself from reading…………..


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