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English Class for Adults

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This Free English Class for Adults is open to all Penangites.

All lessons are FOC.

Students only need to pay RM 5 for the photostated notes every 2 months.

However all students must be TSNRA members paying

an entrance fee of RM 10 (one time payment for life)

and the membership fee of RM 12 per family per annum.

TSNRA has a members from all over Penang.




How often do we get a moment of an unexpected moving, heart-rending, gesture of gratitude?

That rare moment came on the night of 19 May 2011 after the class lesson. The 12 adult students in the 

TSNRA free English Class sprang a surprise on their English teacher Mr Hwang Hong Shi by holding

a small party to celebrate Teachers’ Day. They had laid out a sumptuous spread including durians and

also presented Mr Hwang with some gifts to complete the picture. It was indeed a happy and

momentous occasion. Mr Hwang said it would linger in his life forever and expressed

his heartfelt thanks to all his students for their hearts of care and appreciation.

Teacher’s Day 2014


End-of-year party 2014




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