Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

Looking In, Looking Out

Seven years have passed since TSNRA was born,

How time flies, fleeting years have come and gone.

Now looking in through our RA windows what do we see?

A hive of fun activities, most of them free.

Lively line dancers perfecting their moves,

Each a figure of poise as they try to improve.

Graceful couples gliding and twirling in our Ballroom class,

Or heating up the floor to Latin beat fiery and fast.

The Yoga class strengthening bodies and minds from within,

Bending and stretching  to music peaceful without a din.,

Tai Chi moves are fluid and slow,

Keeping bodies and minds healthy with the flow.

We can hear powerful vocals and melodic voices,

Singing karaoke songs of their choices.

While families enjoy a game of ping-pong,

Often to the accompaniment of a song.

Delectable and sumptuous dishes learnt at Cookery sessions,

Blessing husbands and children with meals cooked with passion.

We have been celebrating MERDEKA every year,

And 2007 will be a grand celebration of our nation’s 50th year.

BUT TSNRA, have you tried looking out?

To see a world that needs you, and people down and out?

Somewhere in Penang are the old and abandoned without hope,

Somewhere there are children abused and trying to cope.

Somewhere blind children long to hear you read very much,

Somewhere deaf children yearn for your tender touch.

Your Yoga and Tai Chi will strengthen limbs as the weak learn from you,

Your dancing will give new pleasures as they watch you dance without cue.

Could you sing songs of cheer to comfort and love,

In homes silent from neglect, without care and love?

Could you cook for those who hunger and thirst?

Blessing them with delicious food, making grateful hearts burst?

As we look into TSNRA, such fun and frolic we see,

Could we look out to a desperate world, without thinking of “ME” ?

It is easy to donate money or raise funds for just one time,

But TSNRA, you can make a difference – the needy needs your sacrificial time !

by Molly S C  Ooi

TSNRAB  13 , Jan 2007

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