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May 31, 2009

President’s Viewpoints

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“CHANGE” is the order of the day. We need changes where necessary when the old and feeble regime must give way to the young and vibrant. Those who are not so old but have served for more than 5 years should give way to  others with potentials.  We hope to change for the better so no one should monopolize any position no matter how efficient and capable he/she is.  In the course of time, everybody burns out and output of ideas is nominal.  Therefore, we should see the “change” in leadership following the winds of change blowing strongly in our State and Country politically.

Before we endeavour to serve the community efficiently, we should first of all give a serious thought to it. The most important factor to most people is TIME.  Can we unselfishly devote our time to our commitment?  If not, please do the Association a favour by NOT being involved.  Do we ever ponder for a moment that we may be the cause  of some of the problems because of our own indifferent attitude towards the interest of the Association?  We often criticize others but have we ever contributed our share to justify our judgement on others?  No one is  ALL efficient or inefficient.  It is always productive to appreciate the contributions of others, no matter how little.  Thus, we shall have more harmony, goodwill, co-operation and friendship working with others with the same objectives.

Leadership is complex. No leader is perfect or indispensable. Some leaders are born, some are made and some are neither born nor made. The last category can only be followers. It takes time to groom a potential leader.  But there are many who cannot wait for this time process and wish to climb up the very top of the ladder in the quickest possible time.  These people may even employ all forms of devices, fair or foul to achieve their own agenda.  Such are the men and women in our society who do more harm than good to the organisation they belong to.

In my opinion,  leaders can be categorized into three main groups –  the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.

The good –  who work with honesty and sincerity, committed to the cause and have only the welfare of the organisation at heart.

The bad –  who work with alterior motives for self-glorification and image.  Once their ambition is achieved, they are not likely to be seen around anymore.

The ugly – who are armchair critics, ever-ready to smear the character of others and jump at every opportunity to point out what others have failed and their weaknesses.  They don’t ever lift a finger to help or shoulder any responsibility when called upon to do so.  These categories are found more or less, in every organisation.  The innate qualities of a person cannot invariably change. We hope to have more of the first category but should be wary of the second and third groups.

One thing I cannot get over with is the attitude of some people who agree to serve but never do or do so half-heartedly.  People who have accepted office voluntarily, have deemed to have signed a contract to honour their obligations.  More often than not, such a contract is nullified.  Then the other aspect that mystifies me is that we are all residing in the Taman close enough to walk from one area to another at ease, yet regular attendance and punctuality at its meetings are hardly observed.  I feel that it is not fair for those who are punctual to be punished by the late-comers.

All the time, we are obliged to numerous people and organisations.  To begin with, the State Government, the State Assemblymen, the Municipal President and Councillors, Government Deparments, private companies and individuals for their support and co-operation.  They will always be remembered with grateful thanks and appreciation.

I wish to appeal to you to participate actively and constructively in the activities of the Association.  I wish to thank all those who have played their roles in the Committee and others who have kept the Association alive and active, working sincerely and honestly towards the cause of serving the community particularly that of Taman Sri Nibong.

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