Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

Pulau Jerejak Trip : 13.3.2010

Our happy Day Trippers on the ferry

Pulau Jerejak jetty

Our TSNRA had a very interesting and enjoyable day trip to Pulau Jerejak on Sat 13 March, the 1st day of the

school hols. We took the ferry from the jetty at 8.30 am and spent the whole morning plus half of the afternoon

on the beautiful, tropical island. We all agreed that it was well worth the trip. The moment we stepped foot on the

beach, we noticed a refreshing difference in the air – it’s so much cooler and fresher than our TSN just across the

short stretch of sea. The Day Trippers package is inclusive of ferry transfer, buffet lunch and a host of organized

group activities and games. We had a guide to lead us on a hike through virgin forests across the island followed

by exciting outdoor activities and a good buffet lunch. Let our pics and smiles depict our fun and adventure.

Beautiful tropical island

View of Penang Island through the unusual roots of a tree

Warming up with our guide for our hike

Let’s go!

Admiring a Tongkak Ali plant deep in virgin jungle

Entry to suspension bridge

On top of the world !

Bird’s eye view of Flying Fox station

We’re ‘flying down soon’ ……..

Yes …… we are ready………and safe !

There goes our RA president……going…….going………

Now for some Wall Climbing

This is not for those with a fear of vertical heights!

After such dizzying heights, on level ground for some balancing acts

Finally – back to the resort for a sumptuous buffet.


( All pics above by TSNRA blogger Molly Ooi, Hwang Hong Shi & Teh Leong Meng)

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