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October 18, 2010

Pantai Jerejak Community Policing Team launched

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PENANG : First Community Policing Team Launched in BAYAN BARU.

Georgetown Oct, 14: State Assemblyman YB Sim Tze Tzin had just launched the Pantai Jerejak Community Policing Team in Bayan Baru Market last night. It was the first of its kind in Bayan Baru area. This community policing team was agreed by Southwest District OCPD Tuan Hatta and approved by Deputy OCPD Tuan Lai. The Penang Community Policing Association Chairman Mr. Koay Eng Loh also helped in its formation.

YB Sim said that the objective of forming Community Policing was to reduce crime rate in that area. The rapid development in Pantai Jerejak-Bayan Baru had caused many problems to that area, including escalating crime rate. Residents felt increasingly threatened by snatch thieves, break-ins and other crimes. YB Sim said that by forming Community Policing, volunteer members would be the eyes and ears for the police and thus helped to deter criminals. Community policing team would patrol the area together with the police force to ensure the safety of that area.

However, he also stressed that Community policing team would not replace professional police. It was the police duty to fight crime. “They are just there to help the police. They have to obey the laws just like anyone. No one is above the laws.” He said.

He also commended the spirit of volunteerism among the residents of Bayan Baru to sacrifice their time to improve the security of the area. To show support to the Team, he announced to allocate RM6,000 to buy 15 sets of walkie talkie for the team.

The Pantai Jerejak Community Policing Team currently had 50 volunteers. Interested residents could contact Chairman Mr. Anthony Kang at 012-561 9193.

Sim Tze Tzin
ADUN Pantai Jerejak
State Assemblyman of Penang
12-J-2 Jalan Rumbia
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang
Tel: +6019 472 8099
Fax: 04-2260633
Website: www.pantaijerejak.com
Blog: www.simformalaysia.com
twitter: @simtzetzin


September 16, 2009

YB Mr Sim Tze Tzin’s Message for our Malaysia Day

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Sim profil pix

I would like to wish all Malaysians, especially Taman Sri Nibong residents,  “Happy Malaysia Day” and  “Congratulations to TSNRA for 10 excellent years”.

We started as a beautiful and hopeful country first by gaining independence from the British in 1957,  then by forming the Malaysia federation with Sabah and Sarawak in 1963. Therefore, today 46 years later, it is very important to reflect and resolve to build Malaysia to become a better place.

Our forefathers fought to gain independence from colonial masters. As a young Generation Malaysian, I am truly thankful for their contributions. Today, we face a different set of problems and challenges. Our challenges are no longer imperialism or western colonialism. Our challenges are less about fighting against poverty and strive for rapid development.

Today, our challenges are to reform our country’s institutions such as the police, civil service, judiciary, schools, institutions for higher learning and anti-corruption agency are all in worst shape than ever. 52 years after independent, we have lost one of our precious heritage from the British – the integrity of the institutions.

Look at our judiciary. Judges can be fixed. I have had first hand experience to expose VK Lingam tape. After 2 years of Royal Commission Investigation, VK Lingam, Vincent Tan and Tun Ahmad Fairus are still scott free. Look at our schools – we continue to produce unemployable graduates. Our universities continue to drop in global ranking.

Our police continue to fail us in providing security. Crime rate has sky-rocketed and will continue to get worse. Our Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has become a stooge for the corrupt politicians.

What will happen if we continue to let this go on forever? How long can we last if we do nothing?

The Anglo-Irish political philosopher Edmund Burke in his 1770 book “Thoughts on the cause of present discontents” quoted:

“Evil thrives when good men do nothing.”

On this Malaysia Day, it is our duty that all Malaysians have to work together to stop the rot and work together to steer our country back to the right path.

Sim can be contacted through:

email: simtzetzin@gmail.com

Facebook and Twitter: simtzetzin@gmail.com

July 9, 2009

Message from Dato’ Wong Kam Hoong, ex-MP for Bayan Baru

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I extend my heartiest congratulations to the TSNRA on your recent launching of the association’s blog vide  https://tsnra.wordpress.com./ to publicize your activities and provide an online platform for residents to air their views and keep in touch with one another..

During my term as Member of Parliament for Bayan Baru, the TSNRA has always played a major role in carrying out social, recreational and welfare projects for the benefit of the community.  Your association under the leadership of Mr. Hwang Hong Shi has lived up to the expectation of an active residents’ association in this area.  Your members have demonstrated a commendable conscious effort in their contributions towards creating a caring Malaysian Society.  I have seen the residents benefiting from the various community projects carried out by the TSNRA.

I am very confident that the TSNRA under President Hwang Hong Shi and his Committee Members for the new fiscal year will continue to carry out meaningful projects and activities to improve the quality of life of the residents in township of Taman Sri Nibong.

As we celebrate our achievements, we continue to look towards the future for opportunities to improve and expand service projects.  I am sure that your TSNRA’s hard work and dedication in serving your community encourage more residents to serve and assist in the development and building of the TSNRA.

Thank you and best wishes to all  residents of Taman Sri Nibong.

Yours faithfully,


July 8, 2009

Hi from Wong Mun Hoe

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Hi there,

What’s this?  Wong Mun Hoe blogging?  No, I haven’t started my own blogsite yet, if this is what you mean.  I have a certain fixation for things.  Yes, I have promised myself that I will start my own blogsite but it will be in 2010.  Why 2010, you may ask.

Well, recently I have been busy, in fact, very busy of late.  Somehow, after 27 years of community service including politics, finally, for the first time, I have decided to really do something for myself.  Yes, I am studying for my MBA.  It is an intensive course over 18 months in which I started in June last year. This MBA programme is the top-ranking MBA programme in the whole of Australia. Now already into my 4th term (time really flies), I hope to complete it by end of January 2010 (that’s the date for my final exam paper).  So far, I have completed 3 terms, 6 subjects and guess what, so far so good.  I even managed two Ds, em, em! It’s not easy you know, a guy coming into his 50s trying to be better than the younger ones in their 20s and 30s.  Well, if you are those like me, coming into the 50s or even more, cheer for me won’t you.  So far I haven’t let you down and I will not.  Let’s wait for early 2010 and I promise to tell you whether I have made it or not.

However, in the last 16 months since the last General Elections, let me tell you that I have not forgotten about you all.  All my life, or should I say, a large part of my life has been dedicated to serving the community. My Service Centre is still open, albeit, once a week.  The number of cases, naturally has drastically come down.  After all, without an official position, it is relatively safe to say that not so many people will come and see you.  Still, there are those who came, and I can tell you that I think they have not been disappointed.  I hate to disappoint people. After all, with 27 years of experience, I can still give some, at the very least, relatively good advice.

This brings me back to Taman Sri Nibong.  Thank you TSNRA, Uncle Hwang and Auntie Molly for remembering me and inviting me to pen a few thots in your blog. This is a prelude to my own blog (watch out for it after January 2010).  Not everyone is like you all.  After the Elections, there are some acquaintances who looked at me as if I was made of glass – you know, literally look through me as if there is no one there!  Sad story but true.  Fortunately, these are just a few.  The majority I know, always have a ready smile and have a light conversation with me.  After all, I am still living in the kawasan, I am still serving the rakyat and more importantly, I am one of you.  You will see me in the market, in the shopping complexes, in the recreational park and at the local coffee shops having my regular breakfast, lunch or supper.

I have always had a soft spot for Taman Sri Nibong folks.  I really think that you people are really lovely people and I have had 4 good years of working with you. I mean it. I definitely look forward to seeing you more often whether in your vicinity or elsewhere.  Other than reminding me that you are from TSN, just remember to smile and make “small talk”.  That will make my day.  So once again, thank you TSNRA and TSN folks.  Wishing you all good health, happiness and success even in the face of the global economic slowdown and the H1N1.  God Bless!

June 5, 2009


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Our heartiest congratulations to our resident,  YAB Dr. Mansor Othman for having sucessfully contested the recent Penanti State seat with a resounding majority and subsequently sworn in as the Deputy Chief Minister 1 of the State of Penang.  We are indeed proud and delighted to have the first son of the Taman Sri Nibong soil so honoured.  We wish him every success and we know that he will serve the people well,  particularly those in the constituency of Penanti in the mainland.   Syabas!!

A gracious reply came from YAB :

Saya merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

2. Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih di atas ucapan tahniah dari pihak tuan sempena perlantikan saya sebagai Timbalan Ketua Menteri ( 1 ) Pulau Pinang baru-baru ini.

3. Semoga kita dapat bekerjasama di masa akan datang.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,


Mansor bin Othman

Timbalan Ketua Menteri 1

Pulau Pinang



We wish to convey our heartfelt congratulatios to our newly appointed Yang Berbahagia Sr. Tan Cheng Chui as the Yang DiPertua  of  the Municipal Council of Georgetown, Penang.  We earnestly hope to work hand-in-hand with him in the Taman for its further development for the people in the neighbourhood viz. Pantai Jerejak,  Century Garden,  Gold Coast,  Queensbay,  Bayan Baru,  Sungei Nibong Kecil,  Lip Sin Garden,  Perkaka,  Sungai Dua and  Bukit Jambul.  They need a green lung in the Taman Sri Nibong field for exercise and recreation.  There are still more facilities needed such as a couple of pavilions, benches, an open cemented ground annex to the Sepak Takraw court.  We look forward to welcoming him. We wish him a very successful and enjoyable term of office.

Our MPPP President has been so courteous in his reply :

Dear Ms Molly Ooi,

Thank you so much for your felicitation. Looking forward to working together for a better Taman Sri Nibong and Penang!


Tan Cheng Chui

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