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November 24, 2017

Freedom Film Festival George Town 2017

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Freedom Film Festival was started with the aim to create a much needed platform for filmmakers and activists to showcase their films and advocate their causes to the Malaysian public. It is also an occasion to celebrate great films and filmmakers and to talk about the films in an intimate, interactive, open atmosphere.

at Majestic Theatre, 31 Jalan Phee Choon, George Town, Pulau Pinang 10050


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Free registration here


World famous chef Massimo Bottura tastes the prepared menu. He gives final instructions and the beautiful auditorium of a former theater fills with hot plates. But the guests at table are not the traditional guests of his Michelin restaurant; they are homeless and refugees who sleep in shelters and on the streets of Milan. The ingredients used are just as untraditional, as Massimo uses foodstuffs thrown out at the EXPO Milano that is underway. The evenings, during which 40 chefs from around the world will take it in turns, allow the guests to meet a world they usually cannot enter. However, all are a part of a moment during which it is possible to forget all hardship and enjoy the fleeting beauty of the instant.

Malaysia is in crisis. Its ruling regime Barisan Nasional (BN) has been implicated in a worldwide corruption scandal and its people are being squeezed by higher living costs.

A political coalition has emerged that wants to ‘Save Malaysia’ from that regime and it wants Malaysians to vote for it in the 14th general election.

The coalition, Pakatan Harapan, is filled with former political enemies – Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim. Dr Mahathir is blamed for destroying Malaysia’s democracy. Dr Mahathir’s party Bersatu is filled with people who cemented BN’s power. Bersatu leaders are now working with people from PKR, DAP and Amanah, people they had once harassed, suppressed and jailed.

This film explores whether this coalition can actually work? Can they be trusted to replace an even worse regime?

What assurances do Malaysians have PH will not get another dictatorship under a different name?

What guarantees do we have that this movement will truly ‘Save Malaysia’?

Penang is at a point of time where it is about to experience an unprecedented shift of its urban facade with the approval of multiple large scale development projects. While such news of development promises a much desired face-lift and reinforcement of Penang’s economic prowess, it does come with a price that may only be apparent in hindsight. This is the story of the hills and the sea of Penang, highlighting the struggle of Mohd. Ishak, a coastal fisherman and Joleen Yap, a wildlife researcher on Dusky Leaf Monkey, taking on and finding a place in Penang’s ambitious development.

In order to live with her girlfriend Kai Li, Ah Tang left Malaysia for Taiwan. As gay/same-sex marriage hasn’t been legalized, Ah Tang has no other choice but to stay on with a student visa, by becoming a 35-year-old freshman. How are Ah Tang and Kai Li’s families like? What do they think of marriage and family? A single bed, a couple’s dream of becoming each other’s family.

A glimpse of the life of Indira Gandhi, a Hindu mother. The husband who just converted into Islam took away her daughter, Prasana, when she was 11 months old. She has not managed to see her child for the last 7 years. Does Islam deny her right to embrace her own child? What have Prasana’s brother and sister gone through after being left and converted into Islam without their knowledge by their father? Would Prasana one day be interested to watch the movie diary of her family whom she has not met?

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