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November 15, 2013

Dengue Gotong Royong tomorrow Saturday 16.11.2013 at 9 am.

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To all TSN residents,
Yesterday morning I attended Kementerian Kesihatan meeting at Balik Pulau District Office on the dengue fever updates in the State of Penang and I also reported the Taman situation. The last day i.e. 18.11.2013 will be considered dengue free for our Taman provided there are no new reported cases.
During this meeting for this Saturday’s (16.11.2013) TSN Combi inspection, Dr Iqbal informed us that he cannot release any of his staff to assist us as he has to attend too many functions.Therefore we have to do it alone without their support. I have collected quite a number of ABATE packets for us to distribute as we go house to house visitation tomorrow.
Date   : 16.11.13 (Saturday)
Venue : TSN Clubhouse
Time   : 9.00 am
Please confirm your attendance by sms h/p: 012-4820713 so that I will know how many are coming.
Thank you.
TSNRA President
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