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October 16, 2013

Dengue Combi Gotong- Royong in Lintang area this Saturday

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View our recent TSN Dengue Combi Gotong-Royong photos at :


Dear TSN residents,

Since all of us are so concerned as DENGUE CAN KILL ANY ONE OF US IN THIS TAMAN, why not all of us WORK TOGETHER to keep fighting against Dengue?

As Taman Sri Nibong is now declared as Dengue Fever High Red Alert Area, the TSN COMBI Team will organize weekly Dengue Gotong Royong in Taman Sri Nibong until this Dengue situation is under control.

This Saturday (19 Oct 2013) at 9.30 am at TSNRA, the TSN COMBI team will be targeting the Lintang area, where there was already one recent Dengue death case.

Please come out to support us.

We need as many residents as possible to help eradicate mosquito breeding ground.


Best regards,

Wong Chow Jeng


TSN COMBI Team Leader

TSNRA Community Health Leader


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