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November 19, 2012

Support Our Penang Heritage

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Penang Heritage Trust has been working very hard to help the Penang state government and MPPP put a structure in place to monitor and manage heritage and implement heritage programmes.
The key documents are:
The Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974
The Town and Country Planning Act 1976
The National Heritage Act 2005
The Penang State Heritage Bill 2011 which has been passed in State Assembly but not yet implemented
The draft Special Area Plan for the World Heritage Site, which is in the process of being gazetted
and there are others, but you can start with this. The last three are quite recent.
There are also several mechanisms which have been put in place :
Technical Review Panel in MPPP
Heritage Department within MPPP
George Town World Heritage Incorporated (corner of Acheen and Carnarvon Street)
There are also NGO groups who have been helping to monitor and build capacity:
Penang Heritage Trust – we are now 26 years old
Penang Forum – yourselves
Citizens’ Chant
Nanyang Folk Culture
Some websites you can look at:
Heritage approvals, monitoring and enforcement are still far from perfect, but they have been vastly improved in the last few years. We have a long, long way to go but you need to look at what is now existing and how this can be strengthened or modified.
Penang Heritage Trust is the only tax exempt heritage charity in Penang registered with the ROS. We raise our own funds to carry out our activities and always wish we could do more. We have a lot of constraints because we are run by volunteers with very few staff. We need more dedicated and committed volunteers.
We need to build Penang’s capacity to manage our heritage for future generations. We will need all your inputs, energies, support and participation.
So if you are seriously concerned about the future of heritage, please find out what is going on and how you can help. You can join Penang Heritage Trust and write me an email telling me what about your background and skills and how you want to help.
Khoo Salma
Penang Heritage Trust
Khoo Salma <snkhoo@gmail.com>
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