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December 3, 2011

Proposals for new 351 units of medium cost flats behind the Musolla

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Residents of Taman Sri Nibong are very concerned with the development of 351 units of

medium cost flats in two blocks at the border of Taman Sri Nibong behind the Musolla

after 16 households received a notice from the MPPP requesting them to fill up a form

to voice their protests within 21 days. However no other household received this letter.

including those living near the site. The construction site has already been cordoned off.

Site for new flats

TSNRA has voiced the concerns of residents as listed below to YB Sim and also went with him to

view the site during his walkabout. YB Sim will be looking into this matter with the authorities.

1.         Our Taman is already overcrowded with a population of more than 5000 residents.

2.         Our roads are not wide enough to allow more vehicles to move in and out of the Taman especially during peak hours.

3.         Parking spaces along the roads are limited and cannot cater for more vehicles.

4.         Situation has already worsened with the business centers ( Kristal Point, coffee shops, restaurants, clinics and  offices) at the entrances/exits of Taman Sri Nibong.  More vehicles are moving in and out and also parking along the congested roads at the entrances/exits of Taman Sri Nibong. This increases the traffic flow at the entrances/exits of Taman Sri Nibong. TSN, a residential area, has become a thoroughfare for the surrounding areas.

5.         With an increase in population of an estimated 1404 residents (351 units x 4 persons) in this area, it will certainly increase and create traffic jam at the bottle neck entrances/exits and undue inconveniences to our Taman residents.

6.         In case of an emergency, it will be difficult for the Bomba/Ambulance/Police to access in and out of our Taman because of the already congested and narrow road being blocked by the vehicles parked along the roads.

7.         With an increase in traffic volume, air and noise pollution increases, affecting the health of residents and more accidents may occur in this Taman.

8.         With an increase in population to our Taman due to the 2 new blocks of  flats project, more residents as well as outsiders will frequent our Taman, thereby the security of our Taman will be compromised eg. theft and burglary .

We propose to the developer of the two blocks of flats to:

1)         make the project into a gated and guarded community with a six foot high wall bordering Taman Sri Nibong, thus preventing intrusion into Taman Sri Nibong

2)         to build their own access road into Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah ( beside the Caltex Station ) for their entrances/exits .

Work-in-progress :

a)     In the process of piling, the developer will be responsible for any damage caused to any house in the vicinity and pay compensation fully.

b)     The working hours to cease by 6.00pm daily.

Site has been cordoned off

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