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September 10, 2011

(3) Festivals of Malaysia

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Malaysia is a land of many colors, a richly woven cultural tapestry

of different races, religions and cultures. It’s a unique country with

its warm, hospitable, open house festive celebrations for families,

friends and strangers alike.The potpourri of Malaysian festivals is

what makes Malaysian life so vibrant, exhilarating and exciting.

Most festivals have religious and cultural significance.

These are the times for family reunions and fellowships,

joyous occasions to catch up with one another and

savor traditional delicacies and treasured family recipes

handed down from generation to generation.

Hari Raya

Chinese New Year



Visit the links below for more information on the festivals of Malaysia:

Main Cultural Festivals in Malaysia


Many other types of Malaysian Festivals :


Cultural and Religious Festivals & Events as observed in Malaysia
YEAR 2011 ~ 2012

Festival / Event Culture / Religion 2011 2012
Pongal Hindu 14 Jan 15 Jan
Thaipusam* Hindu 20 Jan 07 Feb
Chap Goh Meh Chinese 17 Feb 06 Feb
Maha Shivarathri Hindu 03 Mac 03 Feb
Panguni Uthiram Hindu 19 Mac TBA
Nawruz Baha’i 21 Mac 21 Mac
Chaitra Navaratri
(Hindu New Year)
Hindu 04 Apr 23 Mac
Songkran Festival Thais 13 ~ 15 Apr 13 ~ 15 Apr
Vaisakhi Sikh 14 Apr 4 Apr
Good Friday Christian 22 Apr 06 Apr
Easter Christian 24 Apr 08 Apr
(Buddha’s Birthday)
Buddhist 17 May 06 May
Birthday of Tin Hau Chinese 25 May TBA
Ascension of Baha’u’llah Baha’i 29 May 29 May
Fifth Moon or Dragon Boat Festival Chinese 06 Jun 23 Jun
Nine Emperor Gods Festival Chinese 08 Jun 23 Jun
San Pedro Fiesta Eurasians Melaka 23 ~ 29 Jun 23 ~ 29 Jun
St. Anne’s Feast Catholic 26 Jul TBA
Hungry Ghost Festival  Chinese 14 Aug 31 Aug
Mid Autumn or Mooncake Festival Chinese 12 Sep 30 Sep
Monkey God Festival Chinese 13 sep TBA
Birthday of Confucius Chinese 24 Sep 28 Sep
Guru Nanak’s Birthday Sikh 10 Nov 28 Nov
Dong Zhi Festival (Winter Solstice) Chinese 22 Dec TBA


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