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July 31, 2011

COMBI Promoter Program Briefing

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This briefing has been held as follows :-

Date : 27 July 2011 (Wednesday)

 Time : 8.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue : TSNRA Clubhouse

This briefing was given by officers from

Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Barat Daya

 1.  Tuan Haji Saidi B. Mohd. Noor

 2.  Cik Syakirah Bt. Shabudin

Around 50 residents attended this briefing.

Tuan Haji Saidi started his briefing by explaining the dangers of dengue fever. Then he added that dengue outbreak can be avoided by reducing or eliminating the possible breeding ground for Aedes mosquito in our Taman.

Unfortunately, during dengue outbreaks,  the officers from Pejabat Kesihatan had some problems entering premises to find possible breeding places for Aedes mosquito. A number of residents refused to allow them to enter their premises because of fear of fines and others were afraid to do so for fear of robbery. Furthermore,  when they carried out fogging, many residents closed their windows and doors. This has made it difficult to kill the mosquitoes before they can cause harm. He said that it is very unfair to blame Pejabat Kesihatan for not carrying out their duties.

We need to train a COMBI Promoter Team in this Taman to organise some activities to educate the residents so that we can work together to prevent dengue outbreak in this Taman. We must encourage as many residents as possible to join in these activities as prevention of dengue fever is a joint community effort.

If you wish to join the COMBI team or need more information, please contact  Mr CJ Wong (012-4278082).

For complete information on Dengue Fever, go to the United Nations World Health Organization Dengue (DHF) Home page at


Updates on the Dengue situation in Malaysia can be obtained from the Ministry of Health website (in BM or Eng) at


Report and Pics by Mr C.J. Wong,  PIC Community Health, TSNRA

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