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June 21, 2011

Improve Your English Online

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There is ample news in the media about the appalling standard of English in Malaysia.

For example, there’s an article by Star Group Chief Editor Wong Chun Wai in his

column entitled  ‘A Handicap We Must Overcome’  :



And another relevant article from All Malaysia Info on ‘Minding Our Language” :


You can also read this PDF on ‘English Language & the Language of Development,

a Malaysian Perspective’  if you are interested :

Eng_Language of Development

Those who are weak in English must read a lot to improve their standard of English.

Moreover, in our present IT Age, there are many good online sites to improve one’s

grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing skills. However, the effort must be undertaken

by the learner himself or herself. Teachers can only teach – they cannot learn for you.

Here is a compilation of 6 good sites for you to improve your English online. Go to :



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