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March 5, 2011

The Road Less Travelled

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We make choices throughout our lives. We all have to choose which road to take in life.

We may feel that we have no choice because of circumstances. This may be true for a part

of our lives, but sooner or later, we will stand at the crossroads to choose which road to

travel for the rest of our earthly journey. And that decision would be ours alone.


Many have chosen the easy road following the footsteps of others, but  will we dare to go

where few have travelled to fulfill our dreams or calling of doing something we have

always wanted to do, something greater than ourselves, something that will make a

difference as we go forth with a fresh passion that will fan the dying embers of our

hearts and set them aflame once more ? Maybe we never had the time or chance,

but now,  the choice would be ours alone , and it would transform the remaining

years of our lives and those around us.


Will we have the courage to choose wisely, even if we have to walk a road less travelled

to find fulfillment, or do we go with the crowds, only to look back with regrets at our

unfulfilled dreams at the end of  life’s journey because we know that though we can

turn back the hands of the clock, we can never go back in time to change our lives.

Which road have you taken in your life, and which

road will  you choose to travel for the rest of your journey ?

–  Molly S.C. Ooi,  Editor.


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