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April 30, 2010

RA Council – Extend initiative to Penang

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Extend initiative to Penang.

Extend initiative to Penang

SEVERAL residents’ associations have proposed that The People’s Voice campaign initiated by The Star and Red FM be organised in Penang as well.

Taman Sri Nibong Residents’ Association chairman Hwang Hong Shi said the campaign would serve as a platform for the formation of a council of residents’ associations in Penang.

“This will be an effective channel to get all the residents’ associations (RAs) to come together as one strong entity to serve the community more effectively.

“It will also help to revitalise those RAs that have been fading out or deregistered over the years,” he said in response to the campaign which was launched in Menara Star, Petaling Jaya, on Sunday.

Themed ‘You’ve Got The Power’, the campaign kicks off in the Klang Valley on May 9, providing a platform for RAs to engage with the local councils and relevant agencies, directly and effectively.

A series of mini carnivals will be held at selected neighbourhoods in the next 12 months, where residents can relate their grouses to the local authorities, take part in forums and other activities.

Hwang said he was delighted to know that The Star had taken the initiative to kick start the idea.

“With the newspaper’s wide coverage and popularity, it can serve as a middleman combining the effort of all RAs in Penang to strengthen their resources for better service.

“We want to help each other in keeping Penang clean and reduce crime,” he said, adding for instance, a tree planting project would see greater impact if all RAs were involved.

Bandar Bayan Baru Residents’ Association secretary Chan Kim Beng said several RAs under the Batu Uban constituency initiated the Federation of Residents’ Association and Management Corporations some years ago and even drew up the constitution.

“But things quietened down after a while, especially when administrative matters and paperwork needed to be sorted out,” he said, referring to the fact that there are over 100 RAs in Penang.

Datuk Syed Jaafar Syed Ali, who is the association’s former chairman, said the campaign would be most welcomed in Penang as it encouraged more RAs to voice their opinion.

“Sometimes it is not easy for them to get in touch with certain sectors and the best alternative is to go through the press to create an impact and draw the local authorities’ attention.

The Star is providing a good opportunity for them to voice their grievances and more importantly, to know that someone will be addressing their problem,” said Syed Jaafar, who stepped down from the post last year after 25 years,

Rumah Hijau Residents’ Association chairman A. Tamilselvan also voiced similar views, saying the media was the most effective platform to get the authorities to take action.

“We hope the press can convey our message accurately to help the community solve any local issue,” he added.


The Star interviewed three Residents’ Associations regarding their proposal for the formation of a Council of RAs in Penang. Our TSNRA President,  Mr Hwang Hong Shi , was one of those interviewed by Star reporter Ann Tan in the article above. We hope that this RA Council would become a reality in the near future – the editor

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