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September 16, 2009

YB Mr Sim Tze Tzin’s Message for our Malaysia Day

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I would like to wish all Malaysians, especially Taman Sri Nibong residents,  “Happy Malaysia Day” and  “Congratulations to TSNRA for 10 excellent years”.

We started as a beautiful and hopeful country first by gaining independence from the British in 1957,  then by forming the Malaysia federation with Sabah and Sarawak in 1963. Therefore, today 46 years later, it is very important to reflect and resolve to build Malaysia to become a better place.

Our forefathers fought to gain independence from colonial masters. As a young Generation Malaysian, I am truly thankful for their contributions. Today, we face a different set of problems and challenges. Our challenges are no longer imperialism or western colonialism. Our challenges are less about fighting against poverty and strive for rapid development.

Today, our challenges are to reform our country’s institutions such as the police, civil service, judiciary, schools, institutions for higher learning and anti-corruption agency are all in worst shape than ever. 52 years after independent, we have lost one of our precious heritage from the British – the integrity of the institutions.

Look at our judiciary. Judges can be fixed. I have had first hand experience to expose VK Lingam tape. After 2 years of Royal Commission Investigation, VK Lingam, Vincent Tan and Tun Ahmad Fairus are still scott free. Look at our schools – we continue to produce unemployable graduates. Our universities continue to drop in global ranking.

Our police continue to fail us in providing security. Crime rate has sky-rocketed and will continue to get worse. Our Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has become a stooge for the corrupt politicians.

What will happen if we continue to let this go on forever? How long can we last if we do nothing?

The Anglo-Irish political philosopher Edmund Burke in his 1770 book “Thoughts on the cause of present discontents” quoted:

“Evil thrives when good men do nothing.”

On this Malaysia Day, it is our duty that all Malaysians have to work together to stop the rot and work together to steer our country back to the right path.

Sim can be contacted through:

email: simtzetzin@gmail.com

Facebook and Twitter: simtzetzin@gmail.com

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