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September 15, 2009


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HOW POLITE ARE WE ? Read the full article :


The RD ranked the world in 2006/2007. Out of 36 cities, KL, Malaysia was placed 34 !



How interesting and what a shame!  Do Malaysians  practise everyday courtesies ?

Are our Malaysian leaders showing good egs of courtesy?  Kepimpinan melalui Teladan?

Do our leaders show courtesy in their words and actions among themselves and between them and the opposition?  Shouldn’t they put their differences aside, serve the people and work together towards a better 1Malaysia?  Do we observe their courtesy in Parliament and in the media?

Do Ministers, MPs, State Exco members and ADUNs direct their Personal Assistants /Secretaries to respond to our emails and correspondence promptly? We don’t expect them to attend to us directly, do we? They have staff to do this for them but shouldn’t they give directives to their staff to liaise efficiently and effectively with the people ?

When we call to make an enquiry or request for assistance, are we assured  that we are being attended to asap and that follow-up actions are being taken as best as possible?

Are we left on hold by answering machine instead of being attended to by telephone operators who are being paid to serve but are too busy chatting with friends?

When they do finally attend to our calls, is it with a ‘smiling voice’ ?

Do those in the government service extend the same courtesy to both prince and pauper?

How about us? How courteous are we?

Do we say TQ and mean it when someone helps us?

Do we return a call when someone calls and leaves a message ?

Do we reply a short SMS to people who message us?

Do we reply an email which requires a reply promptly?

Do we send in our apologies when we cannot attend a meeting?

Are we punctual and not keep others waiting for us as if our time is more important than theirs?

Do we greet our neighbours with a friendly wave or ‘Hello’ when we see them?

How about our courtesy on the road ?

Are Malaysians courteous drivers ?

Do they observe traffic rules and respect other road users or do they believe in being ‘ rude unto others as they are unto you ‘ ?

Do we give way to others who have the right of the way instead of bulldozing through?

How about us respecting the rights of others and caring for our environment?

Do we smoke and couldn’t care less about others who would object and suffer from passive smoking?

Do we talk loudly on our handphones as though we are Robinson Crusoe all alone on our own island?

Do we litter and spit wherever we please ?  After all, we are not in our own houses

Do our children play the piano without using the damper pedal or turn up the TV at high volume when our neighbours need to rest at night?

Do we respect and care for public property, and teach our children to do likewise?

Do we openly burn our rubbish, polluting the air with foul smoke, and worsening the health of those with lung problems like asthma?

This list can go on and on. So what are your honest answers? If most of your answers are “No’s” , then the Readers’ Digest survey results need to be heeded.

Read our article on Courtesy in the ‘Articles’ section of this blog :



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