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July 9, 2009

Message from Dato’ Wong Kam Hoong, ex-MP for Bayan Baru

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I extend my heartiest congratulations to the TSNRA on your recent launching of the association’s blog vide  https://tsnra.wordpress.com./ to publicize your activities and provide an online platform for residents to air their views and keep in touch with one another..

During my term as Member of Parliament for Bayan Baru, the TSNRA has always played a major role in carrying out social, recreational and welfare projects for the benefit of the community.  Your association under the leadership of Mr. Hwang Hong Shi has lived up to the expectation of an active residents’ association in this area.  Your members have demonstrated a commendable conscious effort in their contributions towards creating a caring Malaysian Society.  I have seen the residents benefiting from the various community projects carried out by the TSNRA.

I am very confident that the TSNRA under President Hwang Hong Shi and his Committee Members for the new fiscal year will continue to carry out meaningful projects and activities to improve the quality of life of the residents in township of Taman Sri Nibong.

As we celebrate our achievements, we continue to look towards the future for opportunities to improve and expand service projects.  I am sure that your TSNRA’s hard work and dedication in serving your community encourage more residents to serve and assist in the development and building of the TSNRA.

Thank you and best wishes to all  residents of Taman Sri Nibong.

Yours faithfully,


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