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June 29, 2009

Where’s that CAT ?

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What a morning ! At around 11am I got into the lift on the ground floor of the Bayan Baru market. The door closed. I pressed the button for the 2nd floor. Nothing happened. Pressed again. Nothing. Pressed to open door. Nothing. Then it dawned on me. I was trapped. Didn’t panick so kept pressing the alarm. Again no on came. Lift maintenance people gone to don’t know where.  Handphone also didn’t work – no signal inside the lift. Finally kept kicking the lift door. Someone heard.  Voice said will call Bomba. Finally heard a lot of noise outside. Lift door forced opened by stern, uniformed Bomba officers. They acted fast and arrived after 20 mins as the Bomba Station was just round the corner. Thanked them and walked off in the midst of many onlookers.

I fail to see why the MPPP can’t maintain public lifts. It was so hot and stuffy inside. Ventilation fan also kaput. Again thank the Lord I didn’t suffer an asthma attack inside. If I had been a panicky person, who knows?  If the lift is out of order, the lift maintenance people should at least put a sign outside and lock it. But no, they didn’t – why? Ask them if you can find them. I can’t imagine having to undergo such an ordeal all because of negligence.

Now, where’s that CAT?

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