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June 15, 2009

MY THOUGHTS : A leaf from the past in our struggle for a better Taman …..

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Way back  in 2005 on 27 March, we had  a tree planting gotong-royong  in Taman Sri Nibong. There, at a gathering,  I expressed our gratitude to the Municipal Council under the dynamic leadership of Dato Haji Phesal bin Talib, Yang DiPertua,  for promoting a healthy lifestyle for the residents as the park will serve as the green lung for the Taman and surrounding areas.  I continued  …….

“I have dreams that this picturesque Taman with its vast field, has much to offer to the people in terms of recreation, games, sports, and relaxation.  One of my most ambitious dreams is the multi-purpose hall where a number of the popular activities can be organised,  games such as Badminton, Squash, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Sepak Takraw and Ping-Pong with the provision of Weight-training and Gymnasium.  This is a costly project but weighing the tremendous benefits it will harvest for the people, I am sure  our government, which advocates good health and useful activities, will find the budget worthy of its returns.  With a healthy society, people are more productive,  attributing to a stronger and stable government.  In addition, Lawn Tennis courts should also be provided outdoors.

What about a reading corner in the park?  This is one of the features found in developed countries where people just spend time reading, sitting on benches placed in a circular formation under the shade of trees.  This corner also provides an opportunity for fellowship among the people,  a unique way to promote Muhibbah.

There are a number of Resident Associations and JKKKs,  around 15 in our kawasan.  Perhaps, all these bodies should form a Majlis (Council), helping one another in times of need.  In this way, we can join our resources together and strengthen our organisations in order to serve the community more forcefully and effectively. ”

Anything happened after that?    No, of course  not!  My vision for the Taman remains just a sweet dream ……

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